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The Gentle Cycle Gives Debut Album's Proceeds to Good Causes

The Gentle Cycle Gives Debut Album's Proceeds to Good Causes

Bay area psych rockers The Gentle Cycle have just released their debut LP, and will give send anyone a copy in the US that donates $18 or more to Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Oxfam, PBS, or Dakota Access Pipeline Fund. A donation of $5 will give the donor a download link as well.

‘I have strong socialist beliefs, and in this current climate it feels right to do whatever we can to help get funding to these noble organizations’, says Gentle Cycle’s Derek See.

With a painstaking attention to detail, these songs were filtered through a cool grip of vintage guitars and components, like an antique Echoplex tape delay and a funky old spring reverb unit. They even recorded on a 1970s Tascam 388 analog reel-to-reel, replete with a deadstock spool of old quarter-inch tape. But Derek's melodic musings come from an abstract foundation that's more modern and forward thinking than most musicians beholden to period-correct tones. Listen to The Gentle Cycle and you'll hear a band that somehow balances universal emotions with astral, atmospheric sonic architecture.

Published: February 10, 2017 |

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