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Weekend Preview: Odd Owl @ The Make-Out Room This Saturday

Weekend Preview: Odd Owl @ The Make-Out Room This Saturday

Anyone who's ever lived in San Francisco knows or has heard of the trauma of finding housing on Craigslist. I once read that someone would rather have had an ambiguous liquid drip out of their bellybutton every time they got an email than look for housing on Craigslist.

While I'm not sure the San Francisco band Odd Owl, who met via Craigslist, would opt for the leaky liquids, they do have the classified site to thank for getting them together. That was back in 2010 in the Sunset district, when the group was a duo. Now they're a quartet, they've toured the west coast twice and have two EPs to their name.

Odd Owl's brand of indie pop is centered around Carmen Caruso's pristine female-fronting and cushioned by keyboard coos, funk hooks and buoyant drumming. You can stream their newest EP It's The World I Love below or download their track "Radioheart."

Odd Owl are playing at the Make-Out Room this Saturday, February 25th, so be there.

-Justine Fields


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