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Black Belt Eagle Scout

Black Belt Eagle Scout Debuts Two New Songs

Black Belt Eagle Scout, composed of musician Katherine Paul, has a new album Mother of my Children coming out September 14th via Saddle Creek. Two songs off the upcoming album are already released. “Soft Stud,” which debuted mid August, expresses the frustration of unfulfilled desire. The song brings the point across with simple and poignant lyrics. The guitar playing is tense and brittle. Blunt base riffs and ephemeral electric chords create a nice harmony. Through them, Paul conveys a mournful yearning that can be hard to express vocally.

The second song, entitled “Just Lie Down” is angsty but adult. Opening with heavily distorted guitar, it produces a raucous, bone-rattling noise that veers shy of grating. The chords are stripped and distilled to a gritty, hypnotic rhythm. Paul’s vocals are soft and listless. They reach an angelic tone that resonates deeply over the explosion of noise. Both songs display intimacy, honesty, and sheer talent. When the rest of the album is released, I highly recommend you give it a listen.

-By Nick Hartman, Photo by Black Belt Eagle Scout


Black Belt Eagle Scout opens up with 'Mother of My Children' debut

*Photo by Jeremy Hernandez

The name Katherine Paul may or may not ring any bells. As a musician, Paul has contributed to other Portland acts like Genders and Forest Park, but Paul's recent output as Black Belt Eagle Scout is of particular noteworthiness. 

She doesn't necessarily fancy herself a songwriter, but what she's poured into the songs on her sophomore album Mother of My Children speaks otherwiseto her abilities. Queer and indigenous as part of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community of just outside Anacortes, Washington, Paul was already equipped with intriguing stories and experienes to tell. Once she was hit with a couple losses, Paul had even more emotional material.

“It’s about my best friend. We dated for a really long time, and I thought she was gonna be the mother of my children, quite literally," Paul told Seattle's The Stranger. "And so this past year, I just realized that was never going to happen... I had to let go.”

This, paired with the loss of a dear friend and mentor, bred Mother of My Children. Its songs are cathartic and put together with a particular beautiful sadness. Paul played every instrument herself, from the free Casio that gave"Keyboard" its tunes, to every participating unit that created the loud crashing of "Just Lie Down." 

Everything about Mother of My Children is tender and vulnerable, while still possessing a captivating energy. Stream it below.


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