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Bad Canoes

New Track: "Bug Juice" - Bad Canoes

Found on Bad Canoes' new EP She’s Too Strong, “Bug Juice” is paced by the casual, creepy combination of keys and percussion. Marissa Paternoster's (Screaming Females) vocals vary, rolling through and then hitting with brief screams of impassioned intensity. Before going on an indefinite hiatus, the band will head out on a mini-tour that will wrap things up at Goldy’s on Sunday, July 10 with Beth Israel, Turnip King, and Neolibz.


A Fundraiser for the Philadelphia Student Union w/Sheer Mag, Bad Canoes & More at PhilaMOCA May 6

Will McAndrew (of R5 Productions) is curating a fundraiser show at PhilaMOCA to support the Philadelphia Student Union in its mission of banding students together to "demand a high quality education in the Philadelphia public school system." It's a tried and true method; there’s no better way to empower young people and bolster a youth movement than through the magical power of rock 'n' roll music. Guitarmony shred-rock titans Sheer Mag will be headlining the event, busting out riffs that they would never teach you in school. Dark Thoughts will also be performing in support of the students with their angsty, accelerated Ramones swagger, building heavy parallels in sound and objective to Rock 'n' Roll High School. Hopefully all buildings will be left intact. Bad Canoes, which features the unparalleled vocal stylings of Marissa Paternoster from Screaming Females, are also pitching in by bringing their outlandish, no-wave meets Slits-inspired rock 'n' roll to the stage. With songs that range in subject from bangin’ radio stations to meeting babes at the mall, each tune is delivered with a raw ferocity and jarring rejection of musical standards. On this lineup, they’re like that one disruptive kid in class who can always get the whole room going: disorderly and chaotic, but a welcome departure from the status quo. PhilaMOCA, 531 N. 12th St., 8pm, $12, All Ages. - Bryce Woodcock

New Video: "Radio Without Rules" (Live) - Bad Canoes

Sorry, we'll just be in the corner bouncing around to this Bad Canoes video. It's a live performance of "Radio Without Rules," which was recorded at the Shellshag Record Release on December 12, 2015 at The Bell House in Brooklyn. BTW: If you didn't hear frontwoman Marissa Paternoster (of Screaming Females) correctly - "If you don't like it, get the fuck out!"


Good Times Provided by Bad Canoes at Central Plexus Jan. 4

If brief infectious outbursts of momentary absurdity and screaming vocals laid tight with slightly creepy instrumentations sound like a good time, Bad Canoes playing at Central Plexus tonight can be your outlet. The quartet, consisting of Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females/Noun), Dawn Riddle (Cat Vet), Christina Centaur, and Kate Illes, dishes out twisted tales in snapshots of musicality. Centaur and Riddle’s persistent bass/drum combinations establish a fluidly haunting setting enhanced by Illes’ ever-lurking keys with Paternoster lyrically providing the details (in her signature tone) that are oddball/humorous and memorable in the best sense. On this night, Central Plexus also features the electronic augmentations of Precolumbian and Rhode Island duo Malportado Kids, whose tropicalia/electro/dance with an angry edge is an attention grabber. Central Plexus, (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.), 9pm, All Ages - Michael Colavita


The Powerful Sisterhood of Bad Canoes at LAVA Space March 10

Philly/New Jersey no-wave, all-female outfit Bad Canoes, featuring Screaming Females' Marissa Paternoster on lead vocals, will be releasing some aggression tonight at LAVA Space. In tow will be the four-piece's debut seven-song EP Sisterhood Is Power, which will be available on limited-edition cassettes (150 copies). However, if you can't make it out this evening to grab one, you can stream and purchase the release below. You can also grab the latest edition of BROS FALL BACK (with new design and content). Joining Bad Canoes on this evening's lineup will be Appleton, WI shoegaze outfit Technicolor Teeth (who will have their tour-only tape Can You Keep Me Out Of Hell) as well as Philly's own Michael Cantor and Dreambook (who replaced Amanda X on the bill). LAVA Space, (Please contact grace.ambrose@gmail.com for more info.), 8pm, $7, All Ages - Alexis V.


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