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Baked releases single “Don’t Trip” from upcoming LP "Debt"

Brooklyn psych-rockers Baked - who recently toured with Titus Andronicus - present their official lead single “Don’t Trip” as a teaser for the full-length album “Debt,” scheduled for an August release. The track emerges via a slow, languid pace, as casual pitch-bended guitar chords meander over loose, live-sounding drums. Boy/girl tandem vocals tell a tale of how “It’s a second coming Christ, and the kids they are screaming.” A well placed minor chord throughout the verse cycle holds the listeners interest by avoiding predicable sonic patterns. The whole thing is capped off with nearly a minute of extended coda stuffed with early 70s era guitar textures reminiscent of Pink Floyd at their most psychedelic. Imagine Dean Wareham & Galaxie 500 having a taco with Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks on a sun-drenched afternoon. If you’d like to get even more “baked,” head over to their Bandcamp and pre-order the album. - Dave Cromwell


Baked tours with Titus Andronicus in May

We wonder if, when Marijuana will be fully legalized in the US, Psych Rock and derivatives will be as popular among young NYC musicians as they've been during this never ending "prohibition era." Yes because right now North Brooklyn might as well be the region in the US with the highest consumption of weed per capita, and various forms of Psychedelia seem to pop up from every corner of the neighborhood.

A band that chooses to name itself Baked must be contributing heavily to this awesome (alleged) record, not only through heavy (alleged) personal consuption, but also through the creation of music that pretty much begs for an audience with altered states of mind. Thing is, the guys are good at it, which should be concerning for anti-liberalization advocates. They are so good that, thanks to an upcoming spring tour supporting NJ rockers Titus Andronicus, they'll soon get the opportunity to spread their whiffy vibes through states probably not ready for this, like North Carolina and West Virginia. We wish them good luck with this noble and dangerous mission. See the full list of shows here and don't forget to ply our collection of Psych Rock songs by emerging NYC bands when appropriate, it features Baked's single "Wet Blanket".


Psych NYC band on the rise: Baked plays Shea Stadium on 12.05

Baked’s sound is like second hand smoke lingering in the air - the good kind. The 4 track ‘S/T Cassette’ takes us to the days of back seat blazing with a chill stoner vibe that itches to chase Steve Malkmus as much as it teases the manic changes of Foxygen - or Syd Barret's beautifully disconnected melodies. They give off a very comforting laid back vibe, giving the impression to understand themselves more than they know. Their music is an effortless experience, like that scent coming from your neighbors apartment late at night that you really don’t mind. See them live on 12.05 at Shea Stadium for the second Big Snow Buffalo Lodge farewell party with Porches, Krill, Lost Boy?, Lvlup and Bueno. - Joey Fish

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best psych songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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