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We last covered Borrisokane over two years ago, and it’s high-damn-time they got another Deli look. Since our review of their 2012 “Disaster Face,” this Austin indie-gone-complex band has only improved what was already an interesting sound.

Borrisokane use the word “orchestrated” to describe their music on their Soundcloud, and the term fits: Borrisokane tracks have many moving parts, all of which give the impression of having been carefully set down exactly where they should be in the song. Somehow the group walks the tightrope that is balanced, busy layering and avoids the easy pitfall of overstuffing, resulting in dense, but highly approachable pop songs. I get echoes of surf-rock and The Evangelicals in here, but then sometimes a Borrisokane track will go quite electroish, or throw in some Swans-like deep droning vocals. What I’m getting at is that Borrisokane shows their influences, but they use them as influences should be, nailing that Jim Jarmusch-endorsed “authentic theft” that takes the source material someplace new.

Another reason to bring these guys up is that they have been slamming through recording track after track in support of a seriously fucking cool idea this past year. It’s called The Versus Project, and it’s basically a series of EPs that features Borrisokane and another band covering one song each from the other’s discography, then recording a new song each. Bands they’ve worked with include Pageantry, Knifight, Young Tongue and Major Major Major, all interesting in their own right. The resulting records are solid, and well worth a listen, so get your ears over to both the Borrisokane page and the page for The Versus Project and feed those things some freshness.


Borrisokane & Oscillations Records Aim to Make Your Scene Dreams Come True

Austin electro-pop group, Borrisokane, is in the process of curating a project that hopes to bring together our local music scene in an ambitious and, frankly, really darn cool way. They’re calling it the Versus Project: six Texas bands will cover a Borrisokane song and in addition contribute something new of their own. Borrisokane will return in kind, rounding out the total to 24 songs, with 12 covers and 6 new tracks from the host band. Look forward to tracks from MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR, Knifight, Yum, Pageantry, Young Tongue (formerly The Baker Family) and Home by Hovercraft.

The whole package will be split onto six disks and put into a lovely box-set with artwork from Shawn Magill. There’s a Kickstarter set up, and you have until early March to help it happen. If the campaign is successful, the full project will be released on Earth Day, April 22nd, through the homegrown Oscillation Records. Too much good music is being promised for us to let this go by the way-side! And now, for a taste of what’s (hopefully) to come; check out Borrisokane’s “Sinking Catalina” covered by Young Tongue (The Baker Family) below!  --Written by Marie Meyers

Octant Plays A Summer Fling TONIGHT, 7/26/13 @ The Parish

Technically, Octant is a one-man band. Matthew Steinke stands alone on stage singing fragile dream-pop melodies over reverb-laden guitar sounds. But he’s not the only thing making noise; makeshift player pianos churn out soaring ornamentation while a bevy of percussion beats itself in time. And somehow, it all sounds surprisingly human -- maybe there’s some life in Steinke’s algorithms.

While you’re waiting for Octant’s new album to release this fall, take a peek at his electromechanical backup band in the new video for “Forget", off their 2011 release. And come see Octant tonight at the Parish for a Summer Fling with Mighty Mountain, Borrisokane and Tiger Wave. --Written by Kevin Allen

Borrisokane EP Release, Murdering Teeth, 5/17/13, Upcoming Show @ Red 7, 6/8/13

The Scottish Rite Theatre couldn't have been a more perfect setting for Borrisokane's release of Murdering Teeth this Friday. The stage was an awe to behold with cutout trees of many greens surrounding the bands. Complimentary masquerade masks are amongst the other imaginative details that confettied the night. It was like a scene right out of Peter Pan, contrasting the sheer elegance of Wendy's world with the wonder of Peter's, making you feel like Wendy holding tight to Peter's hand as he shows you Never Never Land. You're flying one minute and missing mommy the next. It's simply beautiful. 

With each song, Murdering Teeth holds a fantasy world of its very own bringing listeners to a new consciousness. I loved the breathy opening in 'Amelia Fucking Earhart' that lead to escalating instrumentals and a consuming sense of urgency. My other favorite was the glittering keyboard of 'Victoria Please' that flew me through a nebula of sound and clouds of emotional infinity.  Check it out for yourself and pick up a copy of Borrisokane's new EP today! -- Written by Katy Glass

Borrisokane wins The Deli Austin Best of 2012 Readers' Poll for Emerging Artists

Deli Readers,

The Deli Austin's Best of 2012 Readers and Fans' Poll for local emerging artists is over, thanks to all those who cast their vote in support of the emerging local bands and artists in our list of nominees. Congrats to psychedelic keyboard driven quartet Borrisokane for being The Deli Readers' Best Austin Artist of 2012.

Kudos also to weird folkster hhhhhh and psych rock masters Black Books who placed second and third.

Black Books
The Couch
Residual Kid

Stay tuned for the composite chart, to be released soon, which will include the point nominees accumulated from the jurors and Deli writers' votes, and will crown The Deli's Best Emerging DC Area Artist of 2012.

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