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The Cave Girls

The Cave Girls are our June Artist of the Month!

The Cave Girls are our June artist of the month! Robin Campbell and Stone Age Sara have gotten down the art of creating simple, upbeat, fun Neanderthal garage rock. With bassist Lizz Weiler as the band’s newest addition, the trio is returning to the KC music scene with a primordial vengeance. 
The Deli: Down and dirty: 1 sentence to describe your music. What is it?
Stone Age Sara: Stripped-down rock ‘n roll with a prehistoric punch.
The Deli: Give us some background on the band. How long have you had this particular lineup?
Sara: Liz Lightning (Weiler) joined us on bass in the summer of 2013. Before Liz, Stephanie Williams (Katy Guillen & The Girls, Claire and the Crowded Stage) played bass with us for a couple years, and is on our first CD. Our original bass player was Nikki Love. Liz and Robin have played music together for years, so Liz is a natural fit. We are really grateful to have her!
We have worked with a couple really cool lead guitarists: Meredith McGrade (Wick and the Tricks, Morningglories) and most recently Kelly Nightengale (The Spook Lights). Kelly recorded with us on a song we’re about to release called “Let’s Go!”
The Deli: What do you have coming up?
Sara: This summer is pretty busy! We are playing at the Free State Film Festival in Lawrence. Our music is featured in the film Replay by Marlo Angell with WOLF (Women of Lawrence Film), which is showing at the festival, and our set will be at The Granada on Sunday, June 29.
We’ll also be featured on a CD compilation of The Pandoras’ covers by garage rock bands from all over the world. It’ll be released sometime this year for the 30th anniversary of their It’s About Time record. We’re excited to be a part of something so global!
And we’re releasing a 3 song EP this summer too. Can’t wait!
The Deli: What does supporting local music mean to you?
Sara: As musicians, keeping up with what fellow musicians are up to and being sincere and encouraging of each other. Everyone knows how good it can feel when someone acknowledges your work in a positive way. That can go a long way for a musician. We put a lot of ourselves out there.
Liz: I would say supporting the local scene, supporting fellow musicians, friends, etc.
The Deli: Who are your favorite local musicians right now?
Robin: Whichever I am watching at a given time... I am blown away at how good the local bands are around here. This must be what Detroit felt like in the ‘70s. I'm really impressed with Expo 70's meditative heavy rock with no lyrics. Also, recently I caught The Big Iron and The Philistines at recordBar; both were excellent! The Big Iron's new record is 4 stars!!
Sara: Too many to list, so many I need to catch up on.
The Deli: Who are your favorite not-so-local musicians right now?
Robin: Those Darlins. They're playing recordBar in August... GO! Their show is great! I am also really digging some instrumental music from an artist called Bonobo.
Sara: I freakin LOVE Dinero out of Fort Collins.
The Deli: What is your ultimate fantasy concert bill to play on?
Robin: I would love to play a festival with other KC/Lawrence bands/musicians for 3 days and camp out! I've always wanted to try playing a big multiple-day music festival.

Sara: I don’t have one… But I sometimes think it would have been fun to be a back-up singer for the Kinks… except for the fighting.
Liz: The Runaways.
The Deli: A music-themed Mount Rushmore. What four faces are you putting up there? 
Robin: Hmm. I always try not to choose artists over each other, they all bring their own special gifts, but I guess I'd say John Lennon, George Harrison, Aretha Franklin & Loretta Lynn. John & George for their sincere love preaching and spiritual awareness. Aretha for her empowering woman essence. Loretta Lynn for her authenticity, and her courageous and sincere songwriting.
Sara: Chuck Berry, Ray Davies, Harry Nilsson, Tiny Tim. All dudes and no drummers, I know, but that’s who comes to mind. They’re personal favorites, and I find them to be largely undervalued.
Liz: Lemmy, Joan Jett, King Buzzo (just to see if they could get his hair right), and Dimebag Darrell.
The Deli: What other goals do The Cave Girls have for 2014?
Sara: We talk sometimes at practice about just having made it through another crazy week. There’s so much everyone is up against these days: personally, locally, globally. Liz put it really well at our last practice. She said “I just wanna rock!” and we were all like “YEAH!”, so that sounds like a good goal!
The Deli: Where can we find you on the web?
Girls:We’re most up to date on Facebook, though we’d sure love to find a better way! Like a lot of bands, we feel pretty bummed when we post something on our page and less than 10% of our fans even see it. We’re also on Bandcamp.
The Deli: Always go out on a high note. Any last words of wisdom for the Deli audience?
The Cave Girls: Ooga ooga Ug!Ug!
The Cave Girls are:
Robin Campbell: vocals, guitar
Stone Age Sara: vocals, drums
Lizz Weiler: bass, vocals
--Michelle Bacon
Michelle Bacon is editor of The Deli KC and plays in a bunch of bands.

Take in a movie and catch The Cave Girls at The Granada on Sunday, June 29 for the Free State Film Festival. Their set will follow the Nick Cave film 20,000 Days on Earth. Kirsten Paludan & the Key Party will also play. The film starts at 7:30 pm. 



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On The Beat with Sara Teasley

This week's edition of On The Beat features prehistoric pummeler Sara Teasley of The Cave Girls and The Heavy Figs. She talks about hangin' with Mr. Alice Cooper and her philosophy on music and fun. Catch the beat right here!

On The Beat is a weekly interview brought to you by drummer Sergio Moreno (of Hillary Watts Riot and Alacartoona), and features some of the many talented drummers in the Kansas City area.





On The Beat with Sara Teasley


Nobody gives the drums a prehistoric pummeling like this week’s featured drummer. And she does it with a smile, too. Meet Sara Teasley. She’s a modern stone-age drummer. From the town of Kansas City, she’s a page right out of history!

The Deli: I understand Alice Cooper had the distinct honor of meeting you. What was that like?

Sara Teasley: Ha! Well, for Mr. Cooper, I think it was just another day in the life! For me, on the other hand, it was extremely cool and very memorable. It's not every day you get to meet a rock hero from your childhood. He was really friendly and funny and cool. And I enjoyed meeting his wife, too. She was really classy. The whole experience was such a fluke and pretty surreal. And, for what it's worth, I got to give him a Cave Girls CD! Woo hoo!

The Deli: What's The Cave Girls' philosophy of life, music, and everything else?

ST: To ROCK! Plain and simple. And to have FUN! That's how I see it, anyway. 

The Deli: Watching you play is so much fun, you're almost never not smiling. What makes you so happy about playing?

ST: Thank you, that's nice to hear! A live performance is a complete thrill for me. I love sharing in that experience with my bandmates, and with the audience. Everyone plays an equally important part. I love being in the moment with that shared energy. 

The Deli: How did the drums find you?

ST: It's funny, but I didn't aspire to be a drummer. I was always really into music, though. One night, about 12 years ago, I somewhat randomly sat behind a kit at a friend's party, and the next thing I knew, I was keeping a simple beat with other musicians. It was such a surprise, a thrill that I never saw coming. It kind of blindsided me. After that night, all I could think about was, "When am I going to get to do this AGAIN?!" 

The Deli: You recently released an great CD, what was it like being in the studio with The Cave Girls?

ST: We recorded with Pat Tomek. He's amazing to work with. It was easy, thanks to Pat. We felt so at home. Recording with Robin and Steph felt as natural as practicing with them, writing with them, or playing live with them. I remember laughing a lot and just feeling really comfortable. It was a wonderful experience, and I'm very grateful. 

The Deli: How do you go about creating your drum parts? Is there anything specific you listen for? 

ST: I am definitely trying to grow creatively. I usually play by feel, and lately I'm trying to move outside of what first comes into my mind. I'm trying to avoid ruts, but without being too cerebral. My husband Chris (guitarist and lead vocals for The New Lost Souls) has helped me a lot with that. We both appreciate the same sounds, right down to the littlest details in songs. I trust his judgment, and he always inspires a new way for me to approach a song. 







The Deli: One of my favorite songs off The Cave Girls CD is one you sing lead on, "The Maid." What can you tell us about it?

ST: I love singing "The Maid"! It's pretty autobiographical, I wrote most of it while on a job. The lyrics came about as I did the specific things I sing about, "I see my reflection in the glass when I'm cleaning the door." I was literally cleaning a glass door. Work like that can take a lot out of you, but your mind is completely free to dream and create. "The Maid" will always be very special to me. 

The Deli:

What are you listening to these days?


Rory Gallagher and Taste are running through my head like crazy these past couple of days. Also, "Say Those Magic Words" by The Birds, which The Cave Girls are covering. The harmonies are a blast.

The Deli:

 Any projects aside from The Cave Girls?


Yes, The Heavy Figs is a new three piece with Chris Teasley on guitar and John Cutler on bass. It's so much fun playing in a band with these two. Some real magic happens when Chris and John play together. I'm not worthy! But I'm in!

You may or may not be worthy, but you should definitely try to catch Sara in action anyway! The Cave Girls play on Wednesday, July 25 at Angels Rock Bar and The Heavy Figs play Friday, July 27 at Coda. 

-Sergio Moreno

Sergio is a drummer drone for The Hillary Watts Riot and a contraption set buffoon with Alacartoona. He wishes he could get paid to practice meditation, do yoga, and drink white tea all day long. But in the meantime he earns his keep making greeting cards in Spanish.

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Sara Teasley


The Cave Girls 





On The Beat with Stephanie Williams

This week, we sit down with Stephanie Williams, who plays in nearly every band in Kansas City, it seems. She plays with The Prolific, The Clementines, The Cave Girls, Claire and the Crowded Stage, Adam Evolving, and by the time of this posting, there's no telling who else. Catch the beat right here!

On The Beat is a weekly interview brought to you by drummer Sergio Moreno (of Hillary Watts Riot and Alacartoona), and features some of the many talented drummers in the Kansas City area.



On The Beat with Stephanie Williams


This summer… A coming of age story…One woman will give everything she has…To play the instrument she loves… A journey of passion and skill…A hero like no other…Coming to a music venue near you. Well, anyway, that was the kind of script I had imagined for a movie about this week’s featured drummer, she’s the kind of epic character that makes you think in cinematic terms. But when asked what the narrator’s deep, dramatic voice would say, she replied, “I’m guessing it would be something like, Stephanie Williams starring in Pretty Good, For A Chick.” She’s funny like that, and humble. Perhaps too humble. This week we chat with one of Kansas City’s most talented (and nicest) drummers.

The Deli: How did you get to be such a fantastic drummer?

Stephanie Williams: Thanks for the kind words! I started when I was 12, and I guess I play the way I do because of my passion for the instrument. I would spend every minute of the day drumming if I could. I've had some excellent teachers (Dave Jarman, Kent Rausch, Mike Sekelsky), but most of my playing is a result of marching bands and jazz ensembles, as well as all of the great local and touring drummers that I’ve played with. I take something from every player I hear, and I think this helps my sound reflect a lot of different styles and techniques.

The Deli: How do you approach drumming?

SW: When someone comes to me with a riff or a song, my first step is to come up with a feel that makes it groove. Later, I’ll add in fills and expand on the original idea. I have to be interested in what I’m playing, and my main goal is to create parts in a way that would allow any given performance to be recorded and released to the public. I’m all about structure and consistency, but I also like to keep things fun.

The Deli: What's going on in your head when you're playing?

SW: When I’m drumming, there's nothing else in the world I'd rather be doing. It’s hard to explain what’s happening in my head because it seems like I go somewhere else. I listen to the music, and my arms and legs pretty much take over. I’m not typically a counter. I read music and understand the theory behind rhythm and time, but my playing comes entirely from what the music makes me feel. Sometimes I’ll “wake up” and realize that I’m on stage. I guess drumming is my happy place.

The Deli: Okay, but you're also a great bassist. What's that like?

SW: I love the bass. Always have. As a bassist, I still get to work with rhythms and grooves, yet it gives me a chance to try something new and more challenging. I've found that performing on bass offers a bit of nervousness (the good kind) that I don’t experience while drumming. Joining The Cave Girls just sort of happened after a drum jam one day, and it’s one of the most exciting groups I’ve been a part of. I am a drummer though, and there is something about hitting things with sticks and driving a band that is irreplaceable.

The Deli: What are your bands and projects right now?

SW: I’m playing with The Prolific, The Cave Girls, The Clementines, Claire & the Crowded Stage, and Adam Evolving. I also play every night at Worlds of Fun, and I record and perform with a number of other artists on the side. I’m just fortunate to know a lot of talented people.

The Deli: Holy cannoli! You must really love the KC music scene. 

SW: The music crowd here feels like a big family, and everyone is very supportive of each other. I’ve made so many friends within the community, and the coolest part is that all of them are insanely talented.

The Deli:

 Does that leave you time for anything else?

SW: I spend my time away from music teaching special needs students and working toward a master’s degree in counseling. Most of my free time is spent going to friends’ shows, being with family, trying new wines, and wasting time on Netflix. Also, I have a ton of fun with special effects makeup, and I’ve spent the past 2 years creating the monsters at Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt.

Catch Stephanie’s blockbuster skills in action Thursdays through Tuesdays at Worlds of Fun through the end of July and see her perform with The Cave Girls at Angels Rock Bar, July 25.

 -Sergio Moreno

Sergio is a drummer drone for The Hillary Watts Riot and a contraption set buffoon with Alacartoona. He wishes he could get paid to practice meditation, do yoga, and drink white tea all day long. But in the meantime he earns his keep making greeting cards in Spanish.


Stephanie Williams












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