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Deaf Scene

Tight and tuneful, prog-rockers Deaf Scene return with new music video

After turning heads with their 2014 release "Three Pound Universe" Baltimore's Deaf Scene returns with a music video for the song "Acid Fight" from their upcoming album. The group adds so many crystal clean ornamentations to the groove in this track that the ornamentations seem to seamlessly build on top of each other to the point where it's hard to tell whether the song is still in 4/4 or some other time signature altogether. The unstoppable groove and the often soulful guitar timbres result in pure head-banging bliss.

Here is the new music video for “Acid Fight” from Deaf Scene

-Michael Dranove


Crisp, psychedelic prog-rock from Baltimore's Deaf Scene

Listening to Deaf Scene for the first time, one of the things I was most impressed by were the seamless transitions within the songs. The band does a great job developing themes with increasing intensity, steering clear of traditional verse-chorus structures to take listeners on a journey. Sometimes it's easy to get listener fatigue, going through 9 separate journeys on a full length prog-rock album, but the band keeps it interesting with a pleasing blend of post-rock and psychedelic, mixing in the driving force of tracks like “Zealot” with the trippy vibes of “Sun Drops”.

Aside from the stellar songwriting, the musicianship is a real tour-de force here. Everything is so tight, clean, and well rehearsed, it's abundantly clear that these guys really know their way around their instruments. An impressive and promising first album from Deaf Scene.

-Written by Michael Dranove


Don’t Miss Baltimore Outdoor Music Fest – Rez Ball XI - TOMORROW

Rex Ball XI may be your final chance to enjoy a homegrown Baltimore based outdoor music festival this year! Located on vast piece of land endearingly entitled, Nick and Julie's Magical Fairytale Land which is conveniently located in Lanham, Maryland, outside of the College Park area in Baltimore, this festival’s local line up is a strong compilation of talented musicians who derive from all over the Baltimore area.

Local journalist and member of the jam rock band The Rez, Marc Shapiro, founded this long running indie music fest, making Rez Ball a chance for his energetic and resourceful four piece band to celebrate and share the stage with there friends and their community once a year. Make sure you don’t miss this summer fest. Gates open at noon tomorrow. We are always happy to support local events, and this one is going to be a blast! -Jordannah Elizabeth

For information about Rez Ball XI click here.

Rez Ball XI Line Up and Set Times:

Jon Lipsomb 2 pm-2:50
Greasy Hands 3:05 pm-3:55
My Son Bison 4:10 pm-5
Orchester Prazevica 5:15 pm-6:05
Fake Flowers Real Dirt 6:20 pm-7:20
Cara Kelly & the Tell Tale 7:35 pm-8:35
Deaf Scene 8:50 pm-9:50
The Rez 10:10 pm – all night long!


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