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Ecstatic Vision

New Track: "You Got It (Or You Don't)" - Ecstatic Vision

Ecstatic Vision demonstrated that they are one of the heaviest pysch/krautrock acts coming out of Philly with their debut album Sonic Praise, The Deli Philly's July 2015 Record of the Month. And it doesn't sound like they are letting up anytime soon with the band's new single, "You Got It (Or You Don't)". Doug Sabolik's unrelenting guitar shreds and bellowing howls are what rock 'n' roll dreams/nightmares are made of. You'll be able to find Ecstatic Vision's latest on their forthcoming LP Raw Rock Fury, which is set to come out on April 7 via Relapse Records. They'll also be hitting the road in March with Philly pals Creepoid.

Harsh Vibes Opening for Ecstatic Vision at KFN April 2

Harsh Vibes takes more of an introspective shoegaze-y angle to psych rock, but drops it out of airy, ethereal textures with an oversized Acme anvil of fuzz and rude, distended guitar tones. The pairing of heavy psych and shoegaze evokes bands like The Telescopes, but unlike The Telescopes, Harsh Vibes has the capacity and the audacity to seemingly explore both genres and all the space between in just a single song. The disembodied vocals are sparse and seem to take a backseat to the hungry, fuzz-laden riffs and textural experimentation. Harsh Vibes will be helping to sendoff stony, rapture-inducing, Hawkwind-style freak rockers, Ecstatic Vision, as they head out on an international tour. Come wish them well, and embrace a bit of sonic nirvana! Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 10pm, $6, 21+ - Bryce Woodcock

Ecstatic Vision Opening for Earthless at Underground Arts March 19

The entrancing power of psych-rockers Ecstatic Vision pulls listeners into a mind-warping vortex. Possessing a primal grip, the band’s gravitational pull is rooted in the inertia of its interlocking, tone-setting backend, consuming the surroundings in a tunnel of momentum. With that foundation laid, the internal, tormenting temperature is constantly on the rise. As shards of scorching guitar rip through the sonic tapestry, the vocals serve as thunderous proclamations, guiding you into unfamiliar territory. Tonight at Underground Arts, they’re paired with San Diego’s Earthless, who will be blasting off and stamping the cosmos with their personal brand of raunchy psych-rock. Underground Arts, 1200 Callowhill St., 8pm, $16, 21+ - Michael Colavita

A Halloween Party Benefit for the Upcoming Documentary "The Resurrection of Uncle Eddie" at Underground Arts Oct. 29

You can start your Halloween celebration early tonight at Underground Arts with a benefit hosted by Woodshop Films. The rad production collective will be accepting donations and raising backing for their upcoming documentary The Resurrection of Uncle Eddie. Providing the soundtrack for the event will be primal heavy-psych outfit Ecstatic Vision, metal-tinged rockers JJL, the psychedelic blues/soul of St. James & The Apostles, and medieval psych rockers Meddlesome Meddlesome Meddlesome Bells. Though we feel like the majority of attendees might be clad in denim, certainly no one will mind if you get your freak on this evening. And there will be prizes for best costumes! Underground Arts, 1200 Callowhill St., 7pm, $15, 21+ - Alexis V.

New Video: "Astral Plane" (Live) - Ecstatic Vision

For those who haven’t bolted and started their weekend yet, we have a heavy dose of adrenaline straight to the heart to help you get through the rest your day. Check out this wicked live performance video of Ecstatic Vision shredding “Astral Plane,” off our July Record of the Month - Sonic Praise! The far-out, trip-faced footage was created by the rad folks at Scrapple TV. Honestly, just leave work already, take a bong hit, vape pull, dab, or whatever gets you off straight to the head, and enjoy the rest of your weekend already - cheers!


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