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Golden Spurs

Review: Alanna Royale EP Release Show At the Basement

On Friday night, the Basement housed the sold-out EP release show for Alanna Royale, also featuring Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes, Golden Spurs, and Maureen Murphy. We told you to head down there, but even we had no way of anticipating of what was in store.

Maureen Murphy can sing. Holding long and powerful notes like a 2013 Whitney Houston (truly, though), the strength behind Murphy's voice will take you to church, regardless of whether or not you want to go there. The Massachusetts-born singer/songwriter opened the show to a packed house and made some new fans in the process, as exemplified by the boy behind me who couldn't contain himself and kept screaming "I fuckin' love you!" (It was well-deserved praise.)

Continuing the Massachusetts theme, Golden Spurs brought their garage-style rock vibe to the stage, adding an additional layer of sweat to every member of the packed and dancing audience. The only surprising thing about the rock trio's talent is that more people aren't aware of it. But the band is still relatively new to Nashville, so there's no doubt we'll all be on board soon.

We first wrote about Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes back in April of last year and they were fantastic then. But the four piece has sharpened their sound and their live show so effectively that they are currently winning our year-end poll (to your right) and accomplishing everything every independent band sets out to accomplish. After returning from their recent U.S. tour, the band hasn't stopped, giving everyone little choice but to become a fan of their eclectic blues pop-rock. Essentially, Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes are blowing up-- and no one is surprised. Their set at the Basement was a testament to how far they've come.

Alanna Quinn-Broadus is a powerhouse, both vocally and in personality. Unrivaled when it comes to stage presence, it makes sense that the refreshingly sassy frontwoman is balanced at the front of the stage by the six male band members behind her. From making their radio debut earlier this month to selling out the Basement just a few weeks later, it's difficult to deny that Alanna Royale are onto something. Playing a set consisting of the songs from their Bless Her Heart EP and a cover of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box," Quinn-Broadus announced the end of the show and responded to the subsequent groans in the crowd with, "We don't have any more fuckin' songs!" Though it seems we've all become rabid superfans before Alanna Royale was ready for us, the recently-formed band seems to be handling our new-found obsession like seasoned veterans. And I cannot wait until they give us some more fuckin' songs. –Brianne Turner

Weekend Rundown: The Deli Nashville's Recommendations

Photo by Lauren Napier Photography

This weekend stands to be fairly quiet here in Music City, but if you'd like to hang with us, we've found perhaps the two best parties in town, hosted at one venue, for your convenience.

Tonight, the Alanna Royale Bless Her Heart EP release show is happening at The Basement. Along with Golden Spurs, Maureen Murphy, and one of our favorites, the always incredible Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes, the Nasvhille-united seven piece will bring their fantastic and self-described "dirty pop/raunchy soul" to the stage to officially unveil their heavily-anticipated EP. Alanna Royale has been getting the full hype treatment from the Nashville music community lately and the buzz is well-deserved. Alanna's voice establishes the line between "sweet" and "strong" and dances all over it effortlessly. You can spend the day learning every word to the Bless Her Heart EP over at Bandcamp and then come dance and sweat with us to this fantastic lineup at The Basement.
Details for the event can be found here.

On Saturday night, we're back at the Basement for our first Photo Ops experience. The solo project of Terry Price, Photo Ops' prismatic and mesmerizing February release, How To Say Goodbye, makes showing up for this one a no-brainer. Price manned each of the instruments on the record, but for this set, he'll be backed by a full band. Joining Photo Ops on the bill will be Westbound Rangers and Fox Bear Snake.
Details for this one can be found here.

Pick one or both nights to come out to The Basement and say hi and watch some fantastic music with us!

East Nashville Underground Announces Winter Lineup

Just in time to commemorate the sudden and somewhat painful temperature drop outside, the East Nashville Underground crew have announced their winter lineup. The shows will take place on Friday, February 15th and Saturday, February 16th, so whether you're taken or single, this is your best chance to dance off your post-Valentine's Day haze.

Friday Night
Vinyl Thief
All Them Witches
Alanna Royale
Machines Are People Too (headliner)
Magnolia Sons (headliner)
Cult Logic
DJ Rate (from Boom Bap)

Saturday Brunch Day Show
The Static Trees
Jon Byrd
Waterfall Wash
KS Rhoads (headliner)
Colorfeels (headliner)
Frances & The Foundation Hanzelle

Saturday night
Golden Spurs
Tesla Rossa
James Wallace & The Naked Light (headliner)
MOON TAXI (headliner)
The Wans D
J That Guy! (Kory Schalm)

Wristbands for the full weekend are $25 and can be purchased this way. If the anticipation is just too much to bear, you can get started a little early at the High Watt on February 11th for the ENU edition of 8 Off 8th.


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