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Lawrence Lindell

Looking Back to Lawrence Lindell's "Raw Imperfections"

"I don't like to be limited," says Lawrence Lindell in the interview snippet opening up his latest album. Composed of film score-inspired piano pieces, Raw Imperfections is a break away from the experimental artist's comfort zone in electronic music. Lindell knows his way around a keyboard, from the gently-rising beauty in "Eighty Eight" to the urgency of "Unpolished Frequencies"—the album is also dotted with electronic pieces like "Creator", the hip-hop percussion of "Fist, Roots, and Rhythm", and the Baths-inspired glitch beats of "Young King".

The scores on this album range from calming ballads to thumping bouts of anxiety-ridden electronics. It's a wide array of styles which show just how talented Lawrence Lindell is, and serves as a fantastic introduction to his foray into film scores. Listen to "Creator", the second track off Raw Imperfections, below. - Justin Ashby

Lawrence Lindell's final album, release party Friday

Noise Met Sound head and IDM artist Lawrence Lindell will release his last self-titled solo album this Friday with an intimate party at Industry Gallery, featuring installation work from local artist Rachel Rusenko. Lindell confirms that he will still operate Noise Met Sound, curating and playing live shows that mix different modes of creative expression.

This final album, with Lindell's trademark concoction of found sounds and chopped beats, chronicles his life after Britain, starting over with a new job, a creative slump, and reconciliation with his mother in Los Angeles.

"For a good while after being back I was crippled with depression. I couldn't write and everything I created was shit and disappointing to me."

Lindell eventually focused his energies to write and publish a self-help book, which effectively reboot his energy and propped him to complete the album.

You can pre-order the last album here on Bandcamp. Listen to the opener "Still Free to Live" below. - Ryan Mo, flyer art by Dustin Garcia


Bür Gür's new music video is about your creepy neighbor (Mild NSFW)

The sloshy dreampop duo Corbin Clarke and Makan Negahban, aka Bür Gür have released a music video for their newest single "Neighbors", herald of the forthcoming religious lapse Have You Lost Your Faith in God?

Their debut LP Alligator Cheesecake, a panoply of chilled electronic lights and hip hop sighs, placed Clarke and Negahban in the headlights of DIY upstart label Noise Met Sound, whose roster includes the brilliant Lawrence Lindell, Gypsy Eyes, and Inner Ecstasy. Now with "Neighbors", Bür Gür takes a confident second step forward into the waves of psych-pop while keeping their composure slick.

The "Neighbors" music video wrestles with Phil Miller's creepy stare, tossing salads in the bachelor pad, and the victim complex of Ryan Lars Bergmann (Mothers of Gut, Retox). Directed by HABITS mastermind Dustin Krapes, and featuring Le'lani Lan'caster (Retox, Washing Machines), "Neighbors" is as intrusive as a porno breaking the fourth wall, and probably three times as danceable.

Bür Gür's sophomore album Have You Lost Your Faith in God? is slated for an early 2016 release via LA micro-label How To Be A Microwave. Catch Clarke and Negahban performing Tuesday, November 24th at the Silverlake Lounge with Milo, Kenny Segal, Signor Benedict, and Safari Al. - Ryan Mo

Gypsy Eyes Releases EP "Whispers, Stitches, Catacombs, Fear"

There's something oddly romantic about Ryan Duncan's musical history. The San Bernardino-raised man traversed an audio engineering background and befriended fellow noisemaker Lawrence Lindell: the latter's DIY label Noise Met Sound released Gypsy Eyes' single "REM" and his debut full-length The Escapist in 2013.

These pieces were colorful and ludic, combining elements of jungle with Duncan's fascination for idiophones, raising candles to the likes of B12 and Autechre. His time spent working with the autodidactic musician echoed sentiments of a creative marriage between seemingly polar opposites. Duncan's past suggests that he is capable of manifesting pop in the avant garde, finding balance between cold sounds and hot beats. He takes a pass on this new EP.

"Whispers, Stitches, Catacombs, Fear" marks the first physical release and pronounced shift toward musique concréte, perhaps a return to his engineering roots: it's a collection of six improvised vignettes that study textures abrasive and gentle. Ambient noise, wind chimes, and field recordings coalesce into a surreal atmosphere, bereft of rhythm. It's a work that could stand among notables of the genre like Daniel Menche and David Lee Myers, obscure as they might be. But even for the unitiated, "Whispers, Stitches, Catacombs, Fear" is magnetic, challenging listeners to question the essence of song and communicating ideas conventionally left alone.

Stream Gypsy Eyes' "Whispers, Stitches, Catacombs, Fear" on New Normal Label's bandcamp or buy the cassette for just $5. - Ryan Mo

"Never apologize for being who you are" — The DIY ethos of Lawrence Lindell

An autodidact by way of KRS-One with a punk spirit blessed by Bane and the DIY patron saint Beats Antique, Lawrence Lindell is nothing short of a multi-genre musician. And with glitched out nods to Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, Lindell's penchant for percussion takes IDM to the ground-level, serving up sounds of indiscriminate densities on a bed of beats.

Lindell began his electronic trek in 2009, taking on different identities (most recently as LAw) before settling down with himself and the home-grown label Noise Met Sound in 2013. With it, Lindell joined up with like-minded musicians like ambient noise artist Gypsy Eyes and experimental chamber group Inner Ecstasy. From empty backyard pools to the dA Center and the LA Fort, Lindell has been unapologetic in his art and vision. And slowly but surely, people are beginning to notice.

"The philosophy I stick with is "Never apologize for being who you are." Do things your own way and forget about what everyone else thinks or has to say about it. DIY is the basis of everything we do. If we can't find someone to distribute for us or book us for shows, we do it ourselves."

Lawrence Lindell recently released two albums, Magic Megaphone and Cinema of Soul, which will be out as a two-disk set in June. Listen to "Ego Death" below, and stay tuned for more news on live shows. - Ryan Mo


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