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Lemme Adams

Free Download: Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation

It is finally here! Tricycle Records has released the 5th installment of their local music compilation entitled, Friends of Tricycle Records 5! We really like how TR extended their submission invitation to local artists who are not on their official roster, featuring great artists like Lemme Adams, Brasil, The New Up and Analog Dream.

Enjoy this free compilation. It is a celebration of local music and such a great contribution during a time where record labels are all about profit.

Track Listing

The Union Trade, In The Empire of Giants
NRVS LVRS, City Lights
n. Lannon, Another Love
Bobbi Rohs, That’s Bae
Halou, Lean Into The Gravity
The New Up, Future Is Now
Rich Girls, Total Control (Motels cover)
Lemme Adams, Hella
Everyone Is Dirty, Out Of The Blue (Roxy Music cover)
Kitten Grenade, Eighteen
El Terrible, We Know Your Name
Annie Girl and The Flight, Swans
Unconditional Arms, Fever Basin
Analog Dream, Lion’s Share
Garlands, Hallucination Healer
Brasil, Molly
Jordannah Elizabeth, A Prayer for Black America

Compiled by Julie Schuchard
Compilation Mastered by Christopher Reese Daddio at Donut Time Audio
Artwork by Adrian Landon Brooks
See more at: http://www.tricyclerecords.com/friends5/

Album Review: Lemme Adams - Black Flamingo

The San Francisco based alternative surf rock band, Lemme Adams released a new EP last week. The five track album is entitled Black Flamingo and is a strong follow up to their debut album Gorilla Back.

Lemme Adams, as a band is able to incorporate horns into their dark surf rock sound in a super tasteful manner. The horns never bleed over into playing cheesy ska riffs or come off sounding overly "Mariachi", even when performing music for the Latin themed third track, Venezuela. Jordan Miller's bassy tribal drum beats and Adams' signature vocals make the album familiar and warm in regards to the musical style relating to their previous release. Nonetheless, Adams as a songwriter wrote more about what was going on around him while maintaining a bit of subjectiveness in this collection of songs. You can still pinpoint Adams' perception and opinion about what he's lyrically describing, but he's less emotionally direct than his writing was in the last album.

Adams has the ability to write incredibly cynical songs that don't put you off or seem unnecessarily confrontational. The title track of the album (which houses some nice faux improvised jam outs) along with the second song, Hella seem to be about general disillusionment with social popularity. Both songs talk a lot about friends, and Hella seems to point out "friends" inconsistencies and trivialness. Hella is a Californian slang term that means "a large amount of" and can be easily overused in conversation. The irony of the word is not lost on Adams in regards his parody of how many times the word can be said and heard if one is in a group of young people in Cali.

The third song, Venezuela captures the sunny feel of the South American country as Adams sings about not being able to escape the sharp sunlight. Christmas Spirit goes along with the band's weird theme of writing and performing Christmas music all year around, and of course, Toys, the song of the band's award winning music video has finally made its debut on a recording.

Great record. Good job! Take a listen to Black Flamingo!


Hungry Skinny Lemme Adams Talk of Shamans and and El Terrible Play Elbo Room - 9/19

On September 19th at the Elbo Room will host a hyper local line up of great bands. San Francisco based garage bands, Hungry Skinny, Lemme Adams, Talk of Shamans and El Terrible will create a bit of havoc and put on a great show. This is a strong line up that really leaves no room for any doubt that the night will be musically fulfilling.

We totally think you should do your best to make it out to this show. Support local musicians in San Francisco.

Music Video Premiere: Lemme Adams – Toys Director’s Cut

We have an awesome premiere for you today! San Francisco based psych alternative rock band, Lemme Adams has given us the opportunity to premiere the Director’s Cut of their award winning music video, Toys. You may have heard that Toys has won top honors (Best Song) for 2014's Music Video Race.

This semi violent, anti/uber masculine music video is drenched with dark humor and irony. Putting a motion picture behind Adam’s dark pop songs is probably one of the best ideas…ever. We watch him teeter between childhood and manhood while obliterating a number of archetypes that are supposed to represent what it means to be a male human being on planet Earth. It’s all done in a starkly exaggerated manner, and we can totally tell why this music video won an award.

Enjoy it. Dig the art, dig on the humor but try not to soak in the testosterone spurting moments in the video too much! Or you can, but it might not do you much good because Lemme Adams and his bandmates are really sweet guys and we’re always into covering their badass releases and music videos. -je

You can catch Lemme Adam's next show in San Francisco at Elbo Room with Hungry Skinny and Talk of Shamans on September 19th.


Congratulations to Lemme Adams for Winning The Deli Magazine SF's Artist of Month Poll

Congratulations to the San Francisco based band, Lemme Adams for winning The Deli Magazine's San Francisco's Artist of the Month Poll! The fans have cast their votes and this ultra talented garage surf rock band has come out on top! Lemme Adams creates a smooth and flowing alt rock sound, laced with a horn section, and a laid back summer time vibe. We're into them, and wish them the very best in their future musical endeavors!!!


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