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Atlantic Thrills Hits AS220 4/24

 With their most recent album, Providence surf-garage rockers, Atlantic Thrills, re-embrace the Vices and excesses of American rock n roll.  Harkening back to the psych/surf rock bands of the 60s and adding a modern indie/garage flavor, Thrills challenges the need to wait for the weekend to indulge in some.....extracurriculars.  Classic vocal melodies and blistering guitar riffs make Vices the perfect soundtrack for all your iniquitous behavior.  Check them out at AS220 in Providence on 4/24 with RIPS and Midriffs. -Brian Varneke


Midriffs' new surf punk record Subtle Luxuries

Here’s another October 2014 release that we just dug up. A refreshingly energetic band, Midriffs' debut album Subtle Luxuries is a punk record that calls back to the nostalgia we have for the lighter Buzzcocks era of punk, with some surf and fuzz guitar tones added for good measure. There’s definitely some Agent Orange and Night Birds flavor in their sound, as any good surf punk band needs. The opening track “Taboo Tattoo” is a retro-sounding punk song, absolutely infectious and raucous. The guitar work is extremely clean and precise for a punk record, emphasizing those energetic surf riffs. Listen for the crazy guitar work on “Sunday Morning Cigarretes and Orange Juice,” my personal favorite track. Definitely keep this record in mind for Summer 2015, or take just it to the slopes! God knows we got the snow for it. Listen or download the album here

They're playing Club Bohemia (or the Basement of the Cantab Lounge) in Cambridge, this Friday 2/6/15. Here's the event page for more info.


- Paul Jordan Talbot


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