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A Million Billion Dying Suns

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Music Video: A Million Billion Dying Suns - Hey Man

A Million Billion Dying Suns' new music video for Hey Man, off their 2013 release, Strawberry EP is an intensely striking modern fairy tale that will take you on a 6 minute wild ride of an Oakland hipster’s worst nightmare.

Plagued with the torment of bikers, wizards and reptiles, one ordinary man’s bike ride around town turns into a dark and violent labyrinth of events. Escape is futile until he wakes up from the spine chilling alternate reality (which could even be an alternate Bay Area), only to find himself back home, but more lost than ever.

Produced by French Press Films, directed by Andrew Juncker and gifted with a supreme performance by actor, Andrew Riddell, this video is totally impressive. The acting, twists and quality are a very pleasant surprise in a world of DIY, lo fidelity production, --not that there’s anything wrong with them. Hey Man will show you just what a little time, passion and budget can do to pump an already great band and album.

Kudos to A Million Billion Dying Suns for producing a great music video. There are a couple of chances to see them perform live in the very near future.  -je

05.01 San Francisco CA - The Make-Out Room
05.10 Los Angeles CA - The Satellite
05.22 San Francisco CA - Converse Store, Downtown SF


A Million Billion Dying Suns - Strawberry EP

We may never achieve contact with aliens, let alone find out what they're listening to; fortunately, thanks to A Million Billion Dying Suns, we can take a guess. Perhaps the matured lovechild of Animal Collective and The Flaming Lips, AMBDS delivers synthy beats and airy vocals in the form of a fresh EP. Reminiscent of a spacey sci-fi flick, the tension-building intro to Strawberry Letter 23 launches the listener into the milky way and out of their usual zone. The raging guitars wail on amidst a whirlwind of sound, twisting and twirling through a hurricane of good vibes. Plush is not only a perfect adjective for the third track listing, but also the title; with a rich beat that makes you want to dance and a sick guitar solo, you may feel as if you're inside an 80's discotheque rapidly orbiting around the sun. Wonderfully foreign yet blissfully cozy, AMBDS certainly transcends earthly limitations. - Kat Collins


Buffalo Tooth & Disappearing People Perform w/ Shoegaze/Psych Line Up at Brick and Mortar Music Hall 5/14

Brick and Mortar Music Hall will host a plethora of local Bay Area shoegaze psych rock bands including Disappearing People, Buffalo Tooth and A Million Billion Dying Suns to support the touring band, JOY (Under the Gun Records). You can expect to be thoroughly entertained because all of the bands on this bill super talented and and create memorable, aggressively washed out tunes for you to enjoy. Scott of Disappearing people will also be moonlighting as DJ Dahmer who will be spinning throughout the night.

Don't miss the event because you'll be ignoring a strong line up and some great music. To find out more info and to RSVP to this event click here.


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