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My Body

Portland's Best New Indie Pop Acts to Enjoy this Year

Last year was a pretty good year in local music. We've seen many faces tackle few genres, battling it out for the top spot in all our rotation of shows we attend, merch we buy and band pages we like. Of all the Portlander crusaders in Indie Pop, Reptaliens won the yearly reader's poll for the category, but there are a handful of other bands that caught the eye of our jurors and voters. 

At the top of that list is Little Star (pictured), the Good Cheer Records band that pulls the best from 90's college radio indie and emo, giving a modern spin to the classics of sad pop. Spawned from the ashes of a romanticized detriment, as are some of the best contributions to music ever, Little Star's small but estimable discography models moments of tender affection and soft aggression sonically and lyrically as a well rounded product to share with the masses. 


Next up we've got Mini Blinds, whose angelic twee pop quickly made them a favorite. Just in their first year of existence, their debut release Air Signs captures an innocence many long to hold on to.


Newer to the Portland scene, synthpop duo My Body hauled their danceable beats across the country from New York to share their creations with us. We couldn't be more happy about it, or their Seven Wives EP, released yesterday.


With one of the best guitarists in the city right now, Two Moons is an enigma of sorts. Their albums reflect a temperate delivery, but their live shows are a brute force to be reckoned with. They'll surprise you in all sorts of ways, but all of them pleasantly.


We've can't forget to show some love to our Honorable Mentions Small Million, Plastic Cactus and Point Juncture, Wa as well! 

Party Boyz Lifestyle Zine Vol. III release tonight at Mississippi!

When it comes to having a good time in Portland, we all know who to call. We call the Party Boyz. These two, the delightful duo of Rachel Milbauer and Elizabeth Elder, have been curating shows and parties, and documenting the life of creative Portlanders for some years now. Tonight, they're releasing "Party Boyz: A Lifestyle Zine Vol. III," which exhibits some of the finest work being created by our locals. From essays to photos to recipes, the magazine features entries from the likes of Sallie Ford, Aan's Bud Wilson, Moon By You's Kevin Clark and many more. 

The release show is happening tonight at Mississippi Studios with performances by MY BODY, Eyelids and x Hour. Doors open at 8pm and it's $10 to get in, so stop by, grip your copy of the zine and take in the scene.

-Cervante Pope


My Body moves from Brooklyn to Portland, plays Mississippi Studios on 02.18

The Deli NYC is sad to announce, and The Deli Portland is happy to report, that synthpop duo My Body - who impressed us at our latest electro CMJ Stage this past October - relocated from the east coast hipster capital to the west coast one. Well, at least we can still cover them! Check out their latest single "Manjacked," streaminig below. Portlanders can see them live at Mississippi Studios on 02.18.


My Body plays Cameo on 11/13 with Lemonade and Teen Commandments

We booked electro-pop duo My Body upstairs at Pianos during the 2015 CMJ Music Marathon, and we were impressed big time. Not only these guys write beautiful avant-pop songs, but they are a blast to watch live too: Jordan Bagnall sings heavenly and in pitch perfect fashion (that's the kind of fashion we like!), while Darren Bridenbeck masters the... luminous pad (?) while entertaining with hilarious moves that walk the line between dorky and uber cool. The band will be performing at Cameo Gallery tomorrow (11.12) - just weeks before the venue's closing. On the bill also two other local artists: Lemonade and Teen Commandments - do not miss!


Synth-pop duo My Body to play Shea Stadium 07.17

With just one EP ("Six Wives") under their belt, the Brooklyn duo, My Body, is making avant-synth-pop that stands out. The brain of My Body is Jordan Bagnall, who plays the roles of singer, songwriter, and producer. A classically trained singer, her dreamy vocals and range are impressive enough, but when laid over their resounding electronic beats in the opening track "All I Can" (video streaming below), it's pretty much alt-pop magic. Catch them tonight, July 17th, and Shea Stadium. - Sam O'Hara



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