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The Rickaneers

The Rickaneers - Stoner Track "The Dancer" from latest EP!

Toronto rockers The Rickaneers have released a brand new EP “Leave it All on the Floor” which is an aptly named title seeing as how this record was recorded live off the floor onto reel-to-reel tape. One standout track on the album is “The Dancer”.  This tune has a rippin’ stoner rock riff and hollering vocals. The sustaining lead guitar licks give the track a great desert feel. The lyrical content also touched on the relatable topic of whether or not to pursue a greater goal in our lives or stick with what is in front of us. Next gig for The Rickaneers is at Junction City Music Hall on February 22nd with The Manvils, Babyshades and The Sarandons. – Kris Gies



Earlier this year The Rickaneers released their first full length record.  The self titled LP contains 10 tracks, juiced up with some greasy garage vibes. Along with the dirt however they find ways to mix in some 90’s alt rock influences which is very prominent in “Garden of Eden”. Speaking of 90’s, they also have another pop-rocker on this LP called “90’s”. Very groovy. The Rickaneers LP is part dirty, part catchy, fun for the whole family. They will be featured on Y108 in Hamilton on Monday September 11 at 11PM ahead of their show at This Ain’t Hollywood on September 15th along with Flamingo Bay, Quarter in the Bag and The Beach Bats. – Kris Gies


The Rickaneers - Brand New Track "Modern Love"

The Rickaneers have released a brand new single "Modern Love" and no it is not a David Bowie cover. What it is though is a catchy rocker that could have been released in the 60's...or the 90's...or 2016! These Toronto fellas did a really good job of recording this song to re-create some 60's garage sounds but still keep the modern day relevance to the sound. Formerly a 4 piecer looks like Jesse (Guitar/Vocals) and Doug (drums) have taken er back a couple notches and now rock as a 2 piece combo. They will be releasing a record in the new year. The release party is happening January 27th at Junction City Music Hall. - Kris Gies


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