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Watch Rikroshi's Melancholic and Symbolism-Heavy Video for "Drug Lords"

Rikroshi is a band that seems like they get more polished in an exponential way with every new thing they put out. Recently that has included their full self-titled album that we previewed at The Deli last October, and which was fully released in early February, as well as a gripping new video for track "Drug Lords" from that release.

We've got the latter here for you today, and it is damn well-made. "Drug Lords" is heavily impressionistic and full of almost-grim symbolism that's yet somehow darkly comforting. Concentric collapsing circles, shots of weathered statues and religious symbols, and a triptych of the same image of the sun's strangely muted body sitting over the ocean (that coincides with the dramatic climbing piano climax of "Drug Lords") couple with a semi-transparent image of Bjork-influenced singer Tessa Bennetch that has her face mostly out of frame and looking away from camera as she sings, all of which is masterfully cut together for a video that combines with its song in a ideal and fitting way.

"Drug Lords" is the rare music video that takes an already-good song and amplifies its aesthetic, making it feel like this is the true version of the piece, it adds that much to it. Give it a watch below, and let it envelop you in its mood and symbols, and head over to Rikroshi's Bandcamp for more from this strong album.


Dark Dream Your Way Through Fall with Rikroshi

We don't know all too much about what the debut album from duo Rikroshi (formerly Bells and Parks) will be like outside of the info on their Indiegogo page (the campaign wrapped up in June), but if the one available single "Watercolor" is anything to go by, winter 2015 is gonna bring us one hell of a dark, beautifully sulky album. This track is a bit gothy/new wave gloom and a bit of a melody that sounds somewhat folk-Asian inspired, and yet it isn't afraid to really slam on some heavy-ass, big-chord guitar work. The high-pitched wandering voice of singer Tessa Bennecht and said slamming guitar noise complement each other very nicely in "Watercolors," which, as the season changes to something darker and more introspective, feels very apropos to this time of year. It even has a bit of the bittersweetness of the upcoming season that isn't all shadows and cold, but sometimes is bright and cheery as well, when at the end of the track it goes major for just a few fleeting seconds to fade out on a positive note. It's intriguing stuff from an artist pair in the midst of transition, and it feels just right as our world too transitions in these dusky months. Listen below, and get in the darkmonth mood.


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