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The Seshen

The Seshen releases single, video, “Don’t Answer”

Photo cred: Brittany Powers

Latin-infused live drums form percussive harmonies with synthesizers and drum machines to create an other-worldly listening experience. The Seshen, known for their fusion of synth-pop, R&B and electronic music, is a six-piece Bay Area ensemble with powerful messages and relaxing beats. Lalin St. Juste’s vocals have just the right amount of mysticism, wisdom and grounding presence. Single “Don’t Answer” arrives today off the band’s third album, CYAN, out on Feb 28 via Tru Thoughts, along with the song's video, featuring mystic lades of the ocean. -Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor


The Seshen Prepare to Release New Single, Right Here - 7/14

San Francisco Bay Area-based six-piece The Seshen release the third single, “Right Here”, from their latest album ‘Flames & Figures’ on 14th July via Tru Thoughts. Announcing along with some solo shows and a co-headline West Coast tour with James Supercave, The Seshen’s single boasts the synth-pop gem “Right Here”, a lovers-rock Wrongtom remix of the first single “Distant Heart”, instrumental and a cappella.

In the punchy synth-pop gem “Right Here”, singer Lalin St. Juste tears back layers of non-reality as she searches for her true self. Told by St. Juste, the narrative of the track looks at the illusory spaces that are created for us and how we wrestle with the identities and experiences that grow out of those creations. St. Juste explains: “In Right Here, I’m recognizing the lies that my life is built on, the lies that feel like truth and create a veil of disillusionment. I’m dealing with silence. I’ve lived within it my whole life and I’m ready to break out of it. I’m digging inside to find what’s underneath, beneath the invisibility of my existence and the pain. There is me, there is “us”.” Awash with bursting synth layers, the defiant pop-hooks in “Right Here” come unstuck from the confines of a daydream to revel in a new and honest space.

Until the 4 track single is officially released, take a gander at The Seshen's music video for "Colors Collide":


The Seshen Releases New Music Video - Colors Collide

The Seshen has released a stunning new music video entitled, Colors Collide. We're always excited to hear new music from them!!

San Francisco Bay Area-based six-piece The Seshen release the second single, Colors Collide, from their recent album ‘Flames & Figures’ on 10th March via Tru Thoughts. Just in time for their ‘Flames & Figures’ Europe Tour (please see overleaf for dates), The Seshen’s new single relays the intrapersonal journey of “Colors Collide”, and a reimagined remix from LA duo Starkiller (the production outfit of C.E. Garcia & Alfredo E. Fratti, members of Adrian Younge’s Venice Dawn).

Makeunder shares new Akiyoshi Ehara (The Seshen) remix of “Inevitable Conclusion”

The Oakland based band, Makeunder has shared a remix of “Inevitable Conclusion” turned in by Akiyoshi Ehara of The Seshen. Ehara tells Atwood Magazine, "The vocals really stood out to me on this tune as something that would be fun to play with. I found that in a weird way a lot of the vocal runs seemed to have a subtle 90’s R&B flavor, especially when pitched up or down, which started to inform some of the groove. I’ve been going back to Timbaland and Missy Elliot productions a lot as of late, so some of that stuttering and syncopation of the beat was probably due to that stuff being a little fresher in my memory.”


Take a listen for yourself and enjoy new sounds from the Bay Area!


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