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Street Eaters

Street Eaters Celebrate Album Release at Octopus Literary Salon - 5/25

Bay Area punk duo Street Eaters, who following the release of their last album ‘Blood: Muscles: Bones” are releasing upcoming ‘The Envoy’ via their own label Nervous Intent Records on 5/12. A concept album inspired by recent political events and based on dystopian, gender revolutionary author Ursula Le Guin, The Envoy features the signatures of the band- driving bass, heavy hitting drumming from Megan March, and dual vocals- but more analytical songwriting. 

Street Eaters will be celebrating their album release show at Octopus Literary Salon May 25th.


Street Eaters Release New Music Video - Empty Rooms

Bay Area based experimental alt punk band, Street Eaters have released a new music video for their song, Empty Rooms. The video is a manic, semi art nouveau short film that is fun and high energy. The duo blinks in and out of different backdrops and scenery throughout the piece making the video seamlessly odd while still looking like it's been professionally shot. Check it out. Street Eaters rock!

Don't miss their album release show at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco with No Babies on August 14th. The show is FREE!


Street Eaters Releases New Album - BLOOD::MUSCLES::BONES

San Francisco based doom punk band, Street Eaters has released a new full length album. This new 10 track album entitled, Blood::Muscles::Bones​ is a disturbing, heavy punk album that is evened out by fearless female vocals, and clean interludes and changes within the songs. The album sounds like a post modern apololyptic Dead Kennedys record. There's a lot of anger and anarchist spirit, but the production of the record is clean and well mastered.

​We're into Street Eaters' sophomore album because it is completely unapologetic and a great example of what the Bay Area has to offer in regards to pumping out music that exhudes free wielding, out of the box intensity.​ We don't want our underground music to come soft or easy.

​Make sure you check out Blood::Muscles::Bones​ in its entirety via Soundcloud.


Street Eaters and Baus Support Ultra Bide at The Knockout TONIGHT

Some bands need four or five people to create a wall of sound. But when it comes to Street Eaters, a truewave East Bay punk band, there are only two people needed to create a full, enveloping sound. With Meagan March on drums and John No on bass, this husband and wife duo takes an approach similar to that of The Evens - Ian Mackaye’s and Amy Farina’s project. By splitting the duties 50/50, Street Eaters posseses post-punk sensibilities and riot grrrrl influences.

Baus is an Oakland-based trio with a sound that’s derivative of no-wave and post-punk. In true no-wave style, Baus makes music that is not consistent with any solid music genre. Employing noisy vocals and guitar, amidst funk-influenced drum stylings the band creates music that cannot be weighed down by the expectations or cliches of a set genre.

Many punk bands lose their “bite” after a while. But this isn’t the case for Ultra Bide, a Japanese band that blends elements of noise rock and post-hardcore. Getting their start in 1978, they still haven’t gotten rid of their aggressive and primal nature that made them so popular in the first place. Last year they released “DNA vs. DNA-c” on longstanding Bay Area label, Alternative Tentacles.

Be sure to check out Ultra Bide, Street Eaters, and Baus at the Knockout tonight. -Erin Dage


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