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Sun Valley Gun Club

Album Review: Sun Valley Gun Club - Self Titled

The opening track, Even Before I Learned to Write is like the exhale of a lengthy drawn-out drag, armed with a cold beer and your best friends sitting in a circle discussing how weird life really is. Sun Valley Gun Club’s self-titled album generates a yearning for those authentic, unassuming moments that you don’t truly appreciate the beauty of until it's gone. Consistent with the energy of the album, Sun Valley Gun Club's self titled album is casually addictive. The album is so good, you can catch yourself naturally mouthing the lyrics, floating home from work half-dazed after the long day. SVGC is reminiscent of the vocals of your favorite classic 90’s jam and at first listen could be mistaken as simple Indie revival rock. However, the most surprising and incredible element of this album is the heartfelt, powerful 80’s guitar riffs that decide to make a pleasantly surprising appearance at the most unexpected times. What is initially perceived as a simple, rock album reveals itself as a unique, fresh sound that draws itself from the highlighted elements of two classic musical eras that when combined create a sound that is as nuanced and innovative. Drop the needle on It Came From the Moon, light one up and start again.

 - Lindsay Stickney



Sun Valley Gun Club Releases New Single - Hey Collapser

First, let’s get this out of the way: Congratulations to Sun Valley Gun Club for winning The Deli Magazine San Francisco Artist of the Month Poll! Every month, a band comes out on top and this month is no different. This band won the poll by a landslide and we’d like to thank all the readers for voting! We hope you continue to support hard working bands like Sun Valley Gun Club. Congrats guys!!

Sun Valley Gun Club has released an awesome new single called Hey Collapser. This track is a grungy indie rock song that sounds like a nice mix between The Shins and a California drenched Modest Mouse.  Hey Collapser has well placed driving guitar riffs, milky vocals and a tightly composed style. Not all songs can create clean pauses and ebbs and flows that dramatically build and fall while still keeping its underground rock and roll integrity, but Hey Collapser does this. Very cool. This track proves you can be an underground band and still have great production value and a coherent sound. -je


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