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Tall Sheep

Honorable Mentions from The Deli Magazine San Francisco's Open Submissions Poll

Not every submission we get here at The Deli is post-worthy; even making it onto the edge of the blogosphere is an admirable feat. These runners up of The Deli Magazine San Francisco's Open Submission Poll deserve a more than honorable mention, from the classically sweet croonings of Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah to the dance-anthems of The Trims, our wide span of audience is never without fresh new talent to sink their teeth into. For fans of a classic music revisited, Bonnie & The BANG BANG offer sweet, groove-worthy jams and a bevy of lyrical experimentation. 

The Trims take the 80's beach scene and stir it up with a spacey reinvention while creating their own uniquely discernible sound.  Tall Sheep evaporates pop punk and rains it out through a pink cloud with smile-inducing vocals and grungy synth effects. For a hauntingly thrilling experience, listen to Cazadero for dark basslines and soothing vocals. Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah offer up shrill, exciting vocals and a warm, full sound that commands to be placed on playlists with the classics.  Soulful voices and reverberating, confident melodies place Feral Fauna high on the must-listen list.  The Galloping Sea is a power-quartet who masterfully touches on a crazy wide range of genres from soulful, bluesy ballads to daring guitar-and-trumpet partnerships.  Beautifully poignant lyrics are paired with tranquil yet powerful acoustic and electric guitars thanks to North Home.  The Deli thanks you for your submissions, and your talented contributions to the music scene. Keep up the amazing production! -Kat Collins

The Hangover Brigade, Vela Eyes, Tall Sheep, Ultra Violent Rays - Monarch TONIGHT

Tonight, the Monarch brings a line up of bands that include some amazing female fronted bands! The Hangover Brigade brings a jam band feel that brings out lead singer, Tawnee Kendall’s power-driven vocal capabilities. Their song, “Any Way I Can Get It”, brings out the talent of the band, and their music is an experience itself that captivates the listener in a trance and doesn’t let go. Vela Eyes has a much more shoegaze punk feel to their sound which incorporates inspiration from new wave and classic rock acts. Their song, “Witches”, starts off heavy, with a more post-punk feel, but quickly switches to a more poppy and melodic sound. Tall Sheep, with their distorted bass, melodic pop guitars, and delayed vocals, bring a nice twist to the classic “indie” genre. Their song, “Run”, has a 80s new wave nostalgic feel that has a modern dream indie pop feel. The Ultra Violent Rays bring heavy bass, a mix of multi-genre elements, and mystifying vocals to the line up. Their track, “Love Addicts”, even incorporates some record scratching in the beginning of the song that is entirely dreamy and Goth-reminiscent.

Be sure to head out to the Monarch tonight, and catch some amazing the Bay Area based female fronted bands! -Victor Casillas Valle


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