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Vinyl Thief

Machines are People Too, Vinyl Thief, Joy of Painting Show Review
- by Terra James-Jura

Last Friday the lineup at 3rd and Lindsley read like a Best-of Deli Nashville list: Joy of Painting, Vinyl Thief, and Machines are People Too (one of the bands in our “Artist of the Month” poll!).  It was a Music City synth-pop showcase; an evening of bright young musicians wailing on keyboards and looking damned good doing it.

Joy of Painting, fresh off the high of the May release of their EP “Tender Age,” was the first in the lineup.  They did an excellent job easing the ample crowd into party mode (especially any jazz aficionados held over from the early show.) Their set was tight and bouncy, and their energy was enough to get each head at each table bobbing. 

Vinyl Thief was next, and might have won the “Best-Dressed’ award of the night (how often does one see a drummer with a pocket square?) They set out a snare stage left, and proceeded to beat the living salt out of it for the next 45 minutes.  Grayson Proctor of Vinyl Thief has the same industrial grade of pipes as Nathan Willett of Cold War Kids, punctuated here and there by a Freddie Mercury yip or yap.  The band gleefully screwed with the audience’s expectations with every unpredicted bridge or key change, like playing their new single, “Smooth” with a marching band rhythm. 

Machines are People Too closed the night.  Fueled by the exuberance of youth (translation: hormones and Skittles), they wove a soundscape of rollicking drums, ocean-y keys and feel-good sing-along choruses.  I’m torn between which was the standout song of the night: their recent single “Do What You Love,”  where they managed to dial it up one more notch when it seemed there were no more available, or “What is Love” which came completely out of left field, and overwhelmed me with delight once I realized what was happening.  (Are they even old enough to recall Jim Carey hosting that particular SNL?  It doesn't matter.  Well played, Machines are People Too.  Well played.

It was a great night of entertainment, and drove home the fact that Nashville has a potent concentration of incredible talent.  Each band just is one well-placed song in a Nissan commercial away from exploding.  It would be attention well-warranted consiidering the drive and dedication involved.  Check out each band’s respective website, as they are all hard at work on new and exciting things.  







Vinyl Thief 



Joy of Painting



Vinyl Thief Releases Single "Smooth"

Today is the official release of Vinyl Thief’s single, “Smooth.” It is off the electro-pop band’s first full length album, “Fathom,” scheduled for a fall 2013 release. The project was funded via Kickstarter by fans worked into at lather by the band’s 2012 EP, “Rebel Hill” (And for good reason; listen to the namesake and admire how gloriously schizophrenic that song manages to be.) “Smooth” is a swell of ethereal synth and drum tracks punctuated by unexpected structure changes. Vinyl Thief is bringing their ecstatic energy and multiple keyboards to 3rd and Lindsey August 16th, with Joy of Painting and Machines are People Too. -Terra James-Jura



The Deli Nashville and Apple Road Present... Take Over the Press: Favorite Artists


Last night at our show featuring Milktooth, The Gills, and Vinyl Thief, Apple Road and The Deli Nashville teamed up to give you the chance to tell us your thoughts about the Nashville music scene and take over the blog for a day! With the ballots tallied, we give you... The Deli Nashville and Apple Road Present... Take Over the Press!

In our category for "Favorite Local Artist," we had an overwhelming number of fans vote for Vinyl Thief, The Gills, and Milktooth, which is both expected and deserved. (Shout out to The JAG, who also had an solid turnout!) But the full list is impressive and spot-on, so check out which favorites are hitting radars throughout the local music scene:

The Gills
Vinyl Thief
The Future
Billy Swayze
Vanessa Barbee
Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes
The Features
Peter Terry & the City Profits
Justin Kalk Orchestra
Natural Blonde
Johnny Velvet & the Scares
*repeat repeat
Kink Ador
The Young International

The Deli Nashville and Apple Road Present... Milktooth, The Gills, and Vinyl Thief

There's still time to mark your calendars for the show we've put together with Apple Road, featuring Milktooth, The Gills, and Vinyl Thief! The show is taking place this Friday at the Stone Fox and we can't wait to see you. In fact, we are so excited to see you that we've added a special twist to this show...

In addition to our rad lineup, we're giving you the floor here at The Deli Nashville. All you have to do is come to the show and grab a ballot, use it to tell us what you think we're missing out on in our local music scene, and we will use those ballots to update The Deli Nashville! Easy peasy.

Come out, have fun, support local music, and raise the bar on how we return the favor.
Details about the show are here, and we will see you there!


The Deli Nashville and Apple Road Present... Milktooth, The Gills, and Vinyl Thief

We're excited to announce that, on April 26th, we will be bringing our latest party to the Stone Fox in west Nashville! Partnering with Apple Road (the media family behind our beloved East Nashville Underground), we are bringing to the stage Milktooth, The Gills, and Vinyl Thief!

Over the course of the next two weeks, we'll help you to become acquainted with the bands who will be ruling the stage throughout the night. First up, we have Vinyl Thief, the electro-rock four-piece who are recently home from a successful run at SXSW. Though the band has been around for a few years, they have been making a lot of noise over the past few months, from their fantastic set at East Nashville Underground, to their performance at Road To Bonnaroo, to their stop at OurVinyl, where they performed the three songs from their Rebel Hill EP, including "Faces," which you can watch below.

Details about the show are available here, and we can't wait to see you!


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