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Void Boys

The Deli SF Giveaway - Void Boys Limited Edition Vinyl - Starfish

Oh Boy...we're giving away an awesome release by the San Francisco based garage - surf rock - psych band, Void Boys! The auspicious limited edition collection of the band's new single, Starfish is creating a buzz around the Bay Area because of the single's intricate vinyl covers. They're so beautifully designed, we suggest you jump at the opportunity to get your hands on one of 100 limited copies of Starfish. These 10 inch pressings are going for $20 a pop (as they should), so we're down to give away a copy (or a few) on us! We love it when bands share their unique style and secret artistic gifts with the world!

Email sfeditor@thedelimagazine.com to enter to receive a Void Boys' Starfish single!

If you want to buy a copy and support this hard working emerging band, check out Pretty Penny Records, and buy this album direct from the label!

More About the Album:

"(Each record is hand painted and printed by Shannon Bodrogi and Jian Giannini. They were created using Photocopy lithography, an alternative photographic printmaking technique. Additional mediums include watercolor, acrylic, collage, and ink. All are varnished and come with an insert silkscreened by Shannon.)

The one hundred covers of unique and varying styles, mediums and themes, reflect the single they are housing. “Starfish” is loosely about the perceived metamorphosing of humanity, both figuratively and literally. How at times, people can seem to lose their human form with enough distance, whether physical or emotional, and the new shapes and associations that are brought to light with this space. Starfish, being invertebrates, are always changing form, twisting their bodies into an illimitable amount of shapes and contortions. We paralleled this idea of infinite distortion of form using scans of our hands, arms, faces, hair, etc. As a whole the body of work has a feeling of deliberate chaos and grungy intricacies, much like the single itself."

1-100 L-R Pretty Penny Records


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