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Wicked Man

Wicked Man Releases Single - Soil Leaking Water

Oakland's Wicked Man is an undeniably unique act with influences ranging from Fela Kuti and Ali Farka Touré to the songwriting prowess of John Prine and Andrew Bird. The group’s new single, Soil Leaking Water is an eclectic blend of bluesy fingerpicking, soaring synths, electronic drums, and darkly haunting vocal melodies.

The track is birthed in sounds of sweltering, trance­-like guitar licks, comes of age in its jazzy­pop­funk groove, and builds strength with eclectic frontman Yonatan Tietz’s soulful vocals, keyboard master Andrew Kunz’s synth work and drummer/percussive coordinator Max Denny’s self­-sampled electronic functions. As a band, their sound has evolved and expanded upon the bold 2014 debut Fingership EP, growing into a more intricate tapestry of fantastically enticing rhythms that leaves us all chomping for more.

Give this track a listen. Hell, give this track ten listens. Put it on at yer July 4th backyard BBQ. It’ll grow on you, that’s for sure. Wicked Man will be releasing their next EP in September and touring the West Coast in the fall. More info is available on their official website, wicked­man.com. - Justin Kohlberg


Album Review: Wicked Man-Fingership EP

He brings to you the power of his slithering eel voice, drenched in teenage bravado and sensitivity. He slinks along, gathers steam, strikes, and retreats. Wicked Man makes his silent appearance. Though a simple person, Berkeley-based songwriter Yonatan Tietz’s uniqueness lies in the subtle tease, the unselfconsciousness of both listener and musician that speaks to a suburban, midnight-hour insomnia that many have indeed felt before. Completing the ensemble are Matt Fisher-Keller playing bass and keyboards and Nick Blossom playing drums.

The musicianship is not virtuosic by any means, nor does this record intend for it to be. It is an open letter, written on the paper rolls of a traveller, a quiet beckoning towards the unattainable. The three songs on The Fingership EP give exactly what they should. “Solitude” introduces a conflicted introvert shunning the disdain of domestic routine in favor of something larger than himself.

Cautious though he may be, he is driven by the will to continue. “We Are Near” is an intimate trap-door that turns uncertainty into something worth fighting for. Shades of turquoise fall into the cracks between his words. He finds comfort in leaving the mundane. “Selfish Indeed” sets itself apart both in tempo and intensity from the surrounding material. He breaks from the traditional method of self-deprecating lyrics, instead choosing to let his words flow like a stream of consciousness declaration. He turns on the listener, confides, then chides-himself included. Slippery eel has done his job, turned you on. -Justin Kohlberg

The band is currently on a tour of the Pacific Northwest through September, and their EP is available through www.wicked-man.com and wickedman.bandcamp.com.


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