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Winter releases debut full-length, plays SXSW

Dream pop quartet Winter recently released their first debut full-length Supreme Blue Dream, a stellar concoction of heavily-effected guitars and twinkling synth arpeggios that perfectly complements their angelic harmonies. What began as a collaborative effort between main songwriters Samira Winter and Nolan Eley is now a full-fledged project lead by Winter, one that's crested with icy caps of ringing guitars and lavish ethereal pop. You can catch the band play a string of shows during SXSW, which will hopefully lead to a hometown show soon enough.

Supreme Blue Dream is currently available through local Echo Park label Lollipop. 


Chill out: Winter, Daydreaming about summer

Samira Winter just received a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College, but has spent her college years cutting her teeth in the Boston underground music scene. Hailing from Brazil, Winter is one of Samira’s side projects when she’s not DJ-ing, producing short films, or working for her online zine “Wow & Flutter”. Joined with fellow students Nolan Eley, Kyle Oppenheimer, and Ana Karina DaCosta to develop some of the dreamiest, most forward-thinking sound in the scene.

The collaboration started solely with Winter and Eley corresponding, she with rough recordings and he with expert production skills, then expanded into a full performing outfit that’s played local venues like TT the Bear’s and station WERS 88.9. Their album Daydreaming sounds a little bit Vivian Girls and a little bit Beach House with a better sense of humor, airy vocals over a sonic soundscape in the title track and “Bedroom Philosophies”. Their sound doesn’t take itself seriously and runs in a stream of consciousness through Winter’s melodies, leaving us to hope that of all her talents, this girl sticks with the music. Four-track Daydreaming is available on Bandcamp now for a lean five bucks (dab of Winter’s perfume included).

Also worth checking out: the band released a killer cover of Pink Floyd’s “Time” last month, giving it the twenty-first century trip treatment it didn’t ask for, but certainly deserved. - Jamie Loftus


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