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y la bamba

Y La Bamba: Mujeres

Y La Bamba’s latest release, Mujeres, weaves a complicated and beautiful story. Each song situates you in a space both abstract and defined. There, you and Mendoza are free to explore. As you go through the album, it expands and contracts and expands again. The limitations of memory, diving into raw and vulnerable identities, and re-imagining histories: Mujeres tackles all of these and more. In exploring her relationship to her Mexican heritage and background, Mendoza forges new spaces and histories. She challenges her audience to do the same with their own narratives. She deftly pucks your heart out of your chest and asks you to see it in a new light.

Of course, this story would be inaccessible if the narrator wasn't so dextrous and intuitive. Mendoza’s voice is at it’s strongest that we’ve seen thus far. Atmospheric and resolute, she turns each song into something that’s strikingly tangible. You can feel her hands shaping the music, akin to a potter sculpting clay. In “Perder” she sings in long, slow waves, only to end the song with hushed, repetitive muttering. The muttering continues on to the next song “Mujeres” and blends the two together. It’s masterful manipulation. It would be surprising if someone doesn't get goosebumps while listening to Mujeres.

 -By Avril Carrillo

Y La Bamba is Ready for Battle

Y La Bamba has announced a new album, Mujeres, which will be out February 8th via Tender Loving Empire. The band has provided an early release of the titular song "Mujeres". In the announcement accompanying the release, vocalist Luz Elena Mendoza stated, “This song is for my mother and for all of us women who have and still battle the fight to be heard.” Mendoza herself wages a fierce battle with her breakneck pace and nuanced vocals. The urgency thrumming underneath her confidence plays well with the muted bass and heavy beats. If every song is as good as this, the album is sure to be one for the ages. 

Check out a live performance of the song below, provided by KEXP. Y La Bamba is kicking off their fall tour tonight, October 25th at Mississippi Studios.

  -By Nick Hartman, Photo by Corbin Corbin


Mood Music: New Move - "The City Life (ft. Chanti Darling & Ripley Snell)"

Dishing out insatiable classic pop for the last five or so years, New Move go about their creative exhibition employing hints of glam, indie rock and lurid doo wop. Their new album, Back in the Habit, drops today and it features a variety of local artists, including Illmaculate, King Who, Radiation City and more. For the track we're sharing today, we're focusing on this banger with Chanti Darling and Ripley Snell on the mic.

"The City Life" has an interesting beat from Cameron Spies on keys, Jesse Bettis on guitar and bass, and a soulful vocal melody from Chanti Darling that lasts throughout the track, playing with some very silkily delivered bars from Snell. Everything about it is just delightful, and worthy of many repeated plays.

New Move are having a release show for Back in the Habit tonight at Mississippi Studios along with some sets from Y La Bamba and Hustle & Drone. Minden, Boone Howard and the Domestics will all be making guest appearances as well.

Y La Bamba Play Crystal Ballroom 12.2

     The music of Y La Bamba is steeped in mysticism, in part by the Mexican American heritage of silvery-haired raven Luz Elena Mendoza. As front woman, Mendoza tells stories with the spirits of her voice. Smoky and strong at one moment and rising to delicate cries of emotion the next. As a band, the members unify to create harmonies. On their first release, Lupon, "My Love is a Forest Fire" showcases the vocals of many members, while the track "Juniper" holds attention as Mendoza and bassist Ben Meyercord call out to each other like songbirds in the dusk. 

     After an enigmatic recognition of Lupon, producer and Los Lobos member and Steve Berlin took notice and stepped on board with the band to create this year's Court the Storm. Storm continues to conjure melodic intimacy, orchestrating classical guitar, foot stomping and sometimes calypso sounding beats with trumpet and accordion. The album still picks from indie folk such as the road trip romance track "Ponce Pilato", but also pulls deeper from traditional mariachi and Latin folk including tracks such as "Michoagan”, in which Mendoza sings in a flawless cascade of the Spanish language. - Brandy Crowe


Y La Bamba Host Remix Contest

Portland likes its folk twists and everyone loves a little fire. Ergo, things are looking up for Y La Bamba. Associating with producer Steve Berlin to release their second full-length album 'Court The Storm', the band revealed in March a new side to their latin-folk sound, one warmer and more confident which quickly caught the attention of the music press.

As we speak, Y La Bamba are a couple of weeks into a US tour that will stretch until the end of October; and as they're a cool bunch, they invited us all to get involved in the music-making fun. Until August 1st, they are hosting a remix contest which gives anyone with a computer the chance to be creative, structure from the 13 isolated parts their own version of Bendito (second track of the album, featured on the latest PDX Pop Now! compilation) and perhaps win some sweet prizes including free tickets and signed limited edition vinyls of 'Court The Storm'. With two weeks left, time to get mixing! Y La Bamba will also be playing alongside Pure Bathing Culture at Dayton's Sokol Blossom Winery Summer BBQ on July 21st. Ribs, wine tasting, live music... what more can you ask for? - Tracy Mamoun


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