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PLUSH to Perform as King Woman´s Special Guest at Starline Social Club - 6/19

The Oakland based band, King Woman will be finishing out their current tour with Wax Idols in their home town at Starline Social Club on June 19th.

Miserable songwriter and all around underground goth goddess, Kristina Esfandiari has lead King Woman into an amazing career. With that said, the band has not left behind their local community behind as they invited special guest, the promising local underground independent band, PLUSH to perform for their upcoming show. It goes without saying this is going to be a local show that shouldn´t be missed. It´s cool to see King Woman supporting local bands!


Golden Dawn Arkestra Delivers the 'Disko' Funk

Psych-soul, avant-garde, and completely Austin, Golden Dawn Arkestra keeps up with the motto, “Keep Austin Weird.” Influences of Sun Ra are in their sound and appearance, as they dress in outrageous, larger-than-life costumes and play music that crashes like thunderous waves of sound. With new track 'Disko' from recent album Stargazer, Golden Dawn Arkestra captures their identity in a funk groove sure to shake some hips.

The band was formed by band leader, Topaz McGarrigle, also known as, Zapot Mgwana (who, interestingly, was told at a young age to be the son of Sun Ra), and they've taken on an identity of an out of this world band, one filled with a brass and horn section, provocative drums, a mesmerizing dance troupe and costumes of colorful regal robes that dazzle onlookers as much as their music does.

'Disko' in particular delivers GDA's distinct sound with fast paced funk, psych guitars, booming brass and a contagious groove. A gradual build up of horns leads into harrowing key playing, and the track is all the while kept moving with percussion that deliver fast punches. All of these elements of sound then mesh perfectly with the deep whispering vocals paired with the echoing funk that dares you to dance.

Golden Dawn Arkestra’s cosmic sound is something you don’t just listen to, it’s an experience, one that draws you in and doesn’t let go. Check out their song below and be sure to catch them this summer on June 18 at the Solstice Festival along with an incredible Austin-focused lineup!


Andrew Conroy

The Deli's Best of SF Bay Area Playlist is updated!

Hey new music lurvers!

We just finished updating our SF Bay Area Best Emerging Artists Playlist, featuring all the best local up and comin talent we covered in the last few years! Check it out HERE!

The Folks at The Deli

CUBE Prepares to Release New Album

CUBE is an experimental electronic music project from Adam Keith of Oakland, California. We´re exctied for his upcoming album My Cube which is due out on June 24th via Left Hand Path.

Cube's first release came back in 2010, a self-released tape called Cubicle Rites. Since then, Keith has released numerous cassette tapes through his own imprint; through Human Conduct, a Baltimore experimental label; and through Digitalis, a prolific Oklahoma label, among others. Musically, he touches on industrial, dub, techno, noise, and more, but does so with a distinctly personal, emotional touch — the spirit of a singer-songwriter lurks underneath his waves of distortion.

My Cube is Cube's first vinyl LP, and it is a multifaceted, kaleidoscopic listen, containing a multitude of moods and atmospheres. It sounds like the West Coast's answer to Container, and will appeal to fans of Aussie synth-punks Total Control just as much as it will to fans of Regis, Silent Servant, and their seminal Downwards record label. Side A begins with a noisy scree, giving way to "Favorite," a riotous post-punk storm of churning guitars and drum machines, and ends with the all-too-brief techno beauty of "Opaque." Flip the record over and you'll hear the piston-like beats and searing guitar of "Bargain Water"; soon comes the heavy, dancefloor-ready "Auto / Composite Face Fetish." If industrial music is less a sound than an attitude, then My Cube sounds like a rallying cry for the modern age.

Stream New Track: Auto / Composite Face Fetish via Soundcloud


Chameleon Culture play Thunder Road on July 7th

July 7th is your chance to catch the self-described "eclectic sonic-punch rock and experimental folk band," Chamelon Culture. The group prides itself on their ability to take the listener through a musical journey, constantly teetering between slow and mellow parts that seamlessly transition into high energy peaks, combined with sophisticated arrangements and intricate lyrics. Since their full-length album was released in January 2016, the band has being playing frequently in they home town of Boston, but recently also performed single dates in New York and Chicago. You can prepare for the upcoming show by taking a listen to their Bandcamp page, featuring catchy and pulsating songs like "Nothing Special," which opens with sparse strumming and is then layered with another guitar, before culminating in a huge punch of all the instruments playing at once. The music has very danceable and high energy moments, which is promising for a fun show. More infoand tickets can be found here


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