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Premiere: Otherly "Calendars"

We are proud to be able to premiere the new single, "Calendars", from Otherly. This is the third single from the band's forthcoming debut album, Darkling, which is due out February 28th.

This is the genre-blurring music of Justin Samuel Martin who is accompanied by his former Automata bandmate Rachel Sarah Thomas throughout the album.

You can help Otherly celebrate the release of this album on Febraury 28th at The Whistler.


Stream Wolff Parkinson White's experimentally glitchy "Favours"

Wolff Parkinson White fully embraces discord on Favours, his first album in eight years, producing glitchy, stumbling electronic tunes that leave space for the human voice. Single “When I’m in Pieces” lets his broken machines spring into action — multi-tonal leads, off-kilter rhythmic progressions, and dulcet accents churn along, with singer Clare Manchon’s vox tethering the track’s seemingly disparate parts to earth. White’s choice to pair his mathy, multi-signature tracks with a vocal performance helps provide structure to chaos, enabling experimentation that always feels in control, a necessary calm in a storm of chiptune bytes and synthetic parts. Stream it below ahead of the album’s release this Thursday, February 7th.



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Tim Kuhl
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TV Eye
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PREMIERE: Mïrändä delievers cinematic electronic pop on “Stay”

Following her recent signing to Infinite Companion, New York synthpop tour de force Mïrändä returns with a new series of anthemic electronic singles, her latest offering “Stay” a powerfully energetic meditation on desperation and hope, desire and love. The track (and accompanying video) cinematically present the drama inherent to Mïrändä’s craft — amidst rapid, driving percussion and baroque synthetic accents, she writhes in religious dress and extinguishes prayer candles, adding a level of well-curated melodrama to her ovation-worthy vocal performance. The visual’s final scene of the artist, gazing towards the camera, adorned with a ceremonial headdress, hauntingly conveys the mixed feelings that informed the single, her stare an indiscernible mix of long and self-assuredness, a picturesque, Kubrickian conclusion. Watch and listen in our premiere below. Photo by Jonah Lorsung


Frege return with sleeper bop “Disentwine,”

Mexico City by-way-of New York quartet Frege return with the spacey “Disentwine,” bringing along vocalist Simon Balthazar (Hieronymous) to provide a light, lounging performance over the outfit’s shuffling progressive pop. Inspired by bouts of “depression and imobilizing apathy,” the transnational band embed sparse, distant synths and meandering bass into their new offering, inducing feelings of dissociation broken only by the odd keyboard tickle and a last minute drive that employs the song’s various disparate components into a short instrumental vamp, all before slowly fading to black. Despite the social isolation present, there’s a palpable warmthin “Disentwine,” due in large part to the group’s preference for analog machines, which paired with its vocal elements creates an interesting dissonance, a feeling of being present but not actually there, per se. Give this sleeper bop a stream below as you mull whether to go out or stay in.


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