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Groove into the new decade with Gold Casio at Mercury Lounge 12.31

Since their relocation to NYC, Portland-bred indietronica outfit Gold Casio has been persistently tearing it up at venues throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, and while the band has been quietly at work at their next forthcoming effort, their performances are something to behold. Witnessing tracks from their most recent EP SINNERS at Berlin this past September, it’s hard not to be impressed by the band’s ability to render the breadth of their nudisco in real time, from the breakbeat four-on-the-floor of “Make You Mine” to the start-stop stutter of “Love vs Logic.” Perfect for fans of Chromeo (or their Pacific Northwest compatriots Yacht), the band’s true magic can only be captured in a live setting; as such, you should stream them below before catching them at Mercury Lounge on New Year’s Eve, supporting Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue and French Horn Rebellion, but only if you want to start the decade in an undisputedly funky fashion —Connor Beckett McInerney


rook&nomie electrify with coldwave mastery on "me&you"

On Twitter, rook&nomie advertise themselves as a "gay girl band from the cutest hell", but their ghostly coldwave suggests something more grim than cute. That's not to say that their new album me&you isn't a wonder of sound; the duo create webs of haunting melodies and spectre-like backbeats that provide gut punches of intensity even in their quieter moments. The album's lyrics invoke images of cruelty -- as well as love -- towards oneself and between two people, creating scenes of darkness where little specks of light fight to shine through. On me&you, rook&nomie sing in search of that light. Take a look at the music video for "azure paler than the sky", a track from me&you, below. - Will Sisskind



Ambient artist Ana Roxanne named one of Bandcamp's best of 2019

Ambient artist Ana Roxanne began her debut album ~~~ several years ago as a private project, a personal reflection on spirituality and art as an act of healing. Upon its rerelease in March by Leaving Records, the record took on another life, particularly as Roxanne had since explored more about identity and gender, having come out herself as intersex late last year. The record caught attention from a slew of new fans, which led Bandcamp to name it one of their top 10 records of 2019. Its blend of field recordings, droning synths, and minimalist percussion keeps the music simple while allowing the listener to open their mind in vast and unpredictable ways. Roxanne will head out east in January to introduce New York audiences to her music; take another listen to ~~~ for yourself below. - Will Sisskind

Alex Dowling explores faith and futurism on "Reality Rounds," plays Shapeshifter 1.29

Ireland-by-way-of-Brooklyn composer Alex Dowling’s forthcoming release Reality Rounds promises an esoteric, experimental affair, an LP that seeks to incorporate faith and futurism into a disconcerting effort. Lead single “King of Thumbs” sounds off as a distress signal from a lonely A.I., replete with autotuned vox, tactile accents, and spacey analogue synths. Dowling conceived Rounds as a hypothetical “future ritual of Dataism, a new religion that worships the eternal flow of data,” employing themes not unfamiliar to fans of Frank Herbert and Phillip K. Dick in cinematic fashion; his music dips deep into the uncanny valley, finding a place where the human voice and computer-produced tones intersect, exacerbating this uncomfortability to deliver visceral, confrontational electronic music. It’s a bold take on the Singularity, a vision that will be expanded upon when the record drops January 31st; stream “King of Thumbs” below, and catch Alex Dowling at Shapeshifter on January 29th.—Photo by Emma O'Halloran



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