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Songbird Sessions
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The York Manor

Boyish float through the party on "anxious butterball," play C'mon Everybody 2.27

There are some days when it’s difficult to leave the house — a sentiment New York synth pop duo Boyish well understands. Their most recent bop “anxious butterball” details antisocial feelings in lurid detail, the desire to “[stand] in the corner at the back of the room,” the occasionally overwhelming nature of simple conversation, all communicated through muted vox over textured echoing electronic leads and a meandering beat. Leaving room to incorporate hazy guitar chords during the track’s more explosive chorus (while keeping things forever chill), the group captures the dissociative nature of attending a function when you’d rather be at home, of knowing a single person at the party who can help you feel grounded when just existing is difficult, rendered in an appropriately dream-like fashion. Listen below, and catch Boyish at C’mon Everybody on February 27th, presented by Indie Witches.


From the Submissions: Susan Moon's "Mermaids (Hafgua)"

“Mermaids (Hafgua),” the latest single by New York artist (and erstwhile Deli NYC contributor) Susan Moon finds its niche in the space between minimalistic electronica and sound collage, a disparate collection of textures electronic and analogue. Solitary synths intertwine with the sounds of an ocean tide as Moon’s haunting vocal performance drifts through the scene, contributing to a melancholy, lonely final product. Susan Moon’s stumbling melodic phrasing, alongside her choice to incorporate field recordings embeds this track with a disorienting energy; with no percussive backbone tethering it to a familiar structure, one can’t help but feel lost at sea while listening, themselves at the whim of the artist’s winding, accessibly avant-garde craft. Stream it below, and catch Moon at the Well on February 19th, opening for Renny Conti.


James Elkington "Nowhere Time"

James Elkington has shared the lead single, "Nowhere Time", and its accompanying video from his forthcoming album. The album will be called Ever-Roving Eye and is due out April 3rd via Paradise of Bachelors.

The album features contributions from some of the City's finest including Nick Macri, Macie Stewart, Lia Kohl, Spencer Tweedy, Tamara Lindeman, and Paul Von Mertens.

You can catch Elkington on April 16th at The Hideout.


SiP "Leos Naturals"

SiP (aka Jimmy Lacy) is preparing release a new album called Leos Naturals on April 24th via Not Not Fun Records.

SiP is blend of ambient lounge music and deep space grooves, and you can currently hear three of the album's tracks below including our favorite "Chicago Dream Center".


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