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Winnebago Vacation's "Camp Somewhere" is a muted, lonely affair, plays Muchmore's 1.5

Queens-based “folk/goth” outfit Winnebago Vacation combines the quiet solitude of bedroom pop with the acoustic textures of the great outdoors on debut LP Camp Somewhere. A project of Queens-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eli Frank, each of the record’s eleven tracks deftly weave guitars, muted lofi drums, and echoing Casiotones to create soft, somber melodies and lonely lyrical testaments, a well-balanced mix of emo, electronica, and indie rock. Overall, it’s an excellent collection of songs for driving down an open road with no destination in mind; listen below, and catch Winnebago Vacation at Muchmore’s on January 5th, supporting Barely Civil. —Connor Beckett McInerney


Grand Kid's new Americana explodes on "We'll Be," plays C'mon Everybody 1.3

Grand Kid’s brand of groove-focused roots rock is equally at home in the city as it is in the Upstate countryside, an indie romp with all the trappings of good Americana, wrapped up in a Fender-friendly package. Their debut EP We’ll Be, recorded at New Paltz’s Welterweight Sound Studio, has all the energy of a live performance, bolstered by the occasional dramatic instrumental breakdowns; three quarters through driving introductory track “They’ll Be,” Grand Kid engages in a chromatic descent, just ahead of exploding into a lush chorus before seamlessly transitioning into a falsetto-laden last minute bridge. While just two tracks, We’ll Be demonstrates the Brooklyn trio’s willingness to engage in experimental song structures while maintaining all the fittings of classic (yet modern) instrumentation. Listen below, and catch Grand Kid at C’mon Everybody on January 3rd, opening for Gorgeous and Leafing. —Connor Beckett McInerney


Annie Trezza daydreams on "Drinking Beneath a Pear Tree," plays Mercury 12.27

Long Island-based songwriter Annie Trezza dwells on inertia throughout new single “Drinking Beneath a Pear Tree,” contemplating the merits of productivity (or lack thereof), quitting drinking, and the unwritten future. The track is an evenhanded tune that seeks not to focus too much on the positive or negative facets of remaining in place, but rather transmit all passing thoughts to the listener lackadaisically through a rolling vocal melody, acoustic arpeggios, and the occasional electric guitar accents. It’s recommended listening for those who find themselves spacing out during these short December days, and for those seeking centering folk that sounds as nostalgic as it is of-the-times; stream it below, and catch Trezza at Mercury Lounge on December 27th.


Stream Talulah Paisley's sweet and sad "Used To," plays Baby's 12.19

There’s an immediate warmth present in “Used To,” the latest single by New York-based artist Talulah Paisley, a feeling derived from the track’s lofi production and Paisley’s earnest, down-to-earth lyricism. While detailing the feeling of being the subject of another’s affection, and the subsequent feelings of dejection when that affection shifts to another, Paisley strums and plucks, shifting the tempo of her folk in an energetic, albeit sad fashion. It’s immediately evocative of NYC’s antifolk scene, and recommended listening for those seeking acoustic songwriters with a raw, tell-it-like-it-is voice; stream it below, and catch Talulah Paisley at Baby’s All Right on December 19th, alongside Zenizen and Water From Your Eyes.


Little Misty - Prog-Folk Band Latest Single "Keeper"

Little Misty are a progressive folk band based in Montreal. Their latest single “Keeper” is a slow rollin’ folk tune equipped with a dark feel and some jazz influences. The inspiration for the track comes from the events of a sleepless night for singer Kathryn while caring for an ill, new born child. The self-titled album was recorded this past spring in Montreal at Mixart Studios with Joe Grass in the producer chair and will be available on Valentine’s Day 2020. – Kris Gies


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