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Indie Rock

Astrachan "Shorebirds"

Astrachan has released a third single, "Shorebirds", from his forthcoming self-titled debut album which is due to be released on May 7th.

This is the Psych Folk sounds of one half of Berta Bigtoe, Ben Astrachan, and he recently had this to say about his debut; "The creation and experimentation of this album resulted in a meditation of love, adventure, and friendship! Each song takes on the story of a moment that latched onto my heart with the tenderest of holds. The songs themselves are how I was able to make visible the sense-experience of each flicker in space that I traversed."

Photo Credit: Larissa Krysiek


Paper Mice "The Cynic Route"

Paper Mice have released the first single, "The Cynic Route", from their forthcoming LP, 1-800-mondays, which is due out May 7th via Three One G Records.

The single is accompanied by a NNAMDÏ directed below which is depicts a day that just keeps getting worse and worse.

This is the Post Punk of Dave Reminick (guitar, vocals, piano), Taylor Hales (bass, backing vocals), and John Carroll-drums (backing vocals, wind chimes).


Spiritual Mick "Muncher Madness (Or The Democracy of Killing Everything That Moves)"

Spiritual Mick has taken over the group that was once The Curls and released a new single called "Muncher Madness (Or The Democracy of Killing Everything That Moves)". The single is almost as warped and twisted as the New Trash created video which is designed to be and introductory video to gain a higher understanding on whats to come.


The Gelheads "Tail Lights"

Post Punk group The Gelheads are celebrating 20 years as a band by releasing a new EP called "Tail Lights".

These songs are taken from a 2005 recording session that was previously thought to be lost and is the first new music from the group since 2003's "Stars Motel".


Starchild's recent live set from outer space

The first Earthly arrival of Starchild was mid-wifed from within George Clinton’s Afrofuturist musical universe (which I'll gladly take over the Marvel Universe any day, just take a look at the “P-Funk Mythology” page on Wikipedia) arriving in this world via the 1975 Parliament single “Mothership Connection (Star Child)” where our titular hero announced to Earthlings that “we have returned to reclaim the Pyramids” before introducing the “Swing down, sweet chariot” hook later sampled on Dr. Dre’s 1993 hit “Let Me Ride” which introduced P-Funk via G-Funk to Generation X.

Well the second coming has come. And Brooklyn is the lucky host to the reincarnated Starchild in the form of Bryndon Cook. Having travelled the universe and beyond before landing permanently in these parts, this Starchild keeps some pretty rarified company having logged time as touring guitarist for Solange and Chairlift and Blood Orange, while also collaborating with the latter as VeilHymn, before venturing out as front-alien for Starchild & The New Romantic—a project that melds Cook’s R&B and hip hop and indie rock ‘n pop leanings into one musical package and very effectively so on the album released last year called Forever.

And more recently Starchild was shot back out into outer space ET-style to perform a couple live-streamed sets on Elsewhere Sound Space, a monthly series broadcast on the über-äwesome nightclub’s Twitch channel, all originating from an undisclosed location aboard a spaceship marooned in a galaxy far, far away. And lucky for us the Starchild episode is still available to stream and you won’t regret the alien encounter because Bryndon Cook’s heartfelt musical vignettes set in the midst of some pretty trippy sci-fi visuals is likely to make your soul leave your body especially on his final number “Silent Disco,” a transcendent ditty during which Starchild’s soul does in fact visibly leave his Earthbound bodysuit behind and enter another dimension.

Based on the first couple of episodes of Elsewhere Sound Space with their eerie eye candy tableaux and occasional space lizard appearances combined with cosmic musical numbers interspersed with broad comedy segments (double entendre not intended) the overall effect is like a surrealist mashup of the movie version of Dune and the notorious Star Wars Holiday Special, except that the campiness found on this mothership is clearly neither unintentional nor apolitical (take that Susan Sontag!) and instead of Bea Arthur serenading the Cantina Bar you get Princess Nokia and Starchild and in the next installment this Tuesday Brooklyn rapper and NYC mayoral candidate Paperboy Prince serenading all of us pod people out here wandering aimlessly in cyberspace.

And isn't it about time someone presented a compellingly queer vision of outer space and damn if the team at Elsewhere Sound Space--fronted by the program's emcee Peter Smith who as "a music deity marooned in space" radiates warmth into the coldest reaches of universe, check out the profile published in the NY Times titled “Five Nonbinary Comics on This Moment”—haven’t done it. Because c’mon even your neighborhood quantum physicist knows that outer space is all about relativity and multi-dimensionality and the bending of timespace which all sounds pretty queer to me. (Jason Lee)


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