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Bong Kitty wows with clean, complex surfy garage rock in 'Worst Party Ever EP'

When it comes to the San Francisco-based garage band Bong Kitty, surf and slacker influences come together to form timely, tight rock. Listening to the Worst Party Ever EP feels like sitting on the beach with all your friends—if your friend group consisted mostly of the cast of Dazed and Confused, that is. It’s surf rock, but with an edge; the guitar parts are dynamic and reverb soaked displays of good, clean, Dick Dale-influenced fun while the vocals are hazy with some clear slacker influences. Stream the EP below and keep an eye out for Bong Kitty’s next live show because they are not ones to miss. - Lilly Milman

The Veldt supports Modern English on tour, plays Rough Trade on 11/22

NYC dream-rockers The Veldt’s latest EP Thanks to the Moth and Areanna Rose delivers seven new tracks that undoubtedly connect with their long-time followers, while potentially appealing to a new generation only recently discovering this sound. Opener “The Color of Love is Blue,” with its ethereal vocals and descending chord progression performed through tightly-coiled, clipped-chime guitar work, evokes Robin Guthrie and The Cocteau Twins, with an added, slight soul inflection. Streamlined percussive elements solidify the homage, reflecting the boldly struck accents so prevalent on classic albums “Heaven Or Las Vegas” and “Four Calendar Café.” Currently on tour supporting Modern English, the band will be playing Rough Trade in Brooklyn on 11/22. - Dave Cromwell


Electro-goths Bootblacks talk about synths on Delicious Synths

Bootblacks offer a gothic melancholia bounced back and forth on synth-pop beats, a menacing vision of gloom that’s infectious. Bootblacks’ post-punk/new-wave sensibility is beautifully paired with Panther Macdonald’s vocals. They’re straight out of the post-punk catalog: romantic, dramatic, seductive. The band promises a seedier vision of NYC, one of decadence and decay. They shared their preference about synths with our sister blog Delicious Synths, check it out!

The Majorleans return with new single and Berlin show 11.11

Some bands are like wine, they get better with time (sadly, most don't). The Majorleans' 2013 album "Black Belt" showed a confident band with solid songs and production values. Armed with a sound that could be described as "classic rock sans-cheese,"  and blessed with the character of songwriter Nicky Francis DiFonzo's vocals, the record brings to mind Tom Petty and the electric Bob Dylan of the '80s. But new single "Black Magic Woman" (streaming below) takes things to a whole new level: it's a blue blues made even darker and vintage sounding through a noir, loungey arrangement that flirts with psychedelia and The Beatles of Abbey Road. The trio will be performing at Berling on November 11, we recommend! 


Mark Crozer & The Rels support Jesus & Mary Chain tour, play NYC on 11/17

Earlier this year, Mark Crozer and The Rels released their Planting Seeds Records LP “Sunny Side Down” on vinyl. Although a Brooklyn resident, Mark recorded the tracks with his band at Mitch Easter's North Carolina studios with an emphasis on live energy interplay. The intro to “Here Comes the Storm” (streaming below) adopts backing vocal stylings reminiscent of the Beach Boys, keeping the mood light and airy, as it attempts to hold off emotional thunderstorms, soon to be delivered through the chorus, where a melancholic chord selection backing lyrics “to put a smile, on my face again” evokes an aching romanticism. An ending coda repeats the title like a mantra, drums rumbling across toms and a white noise build-up creating the sonic equivalent of weather borne chaos. The band will support The Jesus & Mary Chain (whom Mark also plays bass in) on an east coast tour that arrives at PlayStation Theater in NYC on 11/17. - Dave Cromwell


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