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The Veldt supports Modern English on tour, plays Rough Trade on 11/22

NYC dream-rockers The Veldt’s latest EP Thanks to the Moth and Areanna Rose delivers seven new tracks that undoubtedly connect with their long-time followers, while potentially appealing to a new generation only recently discovering this sound. Opener “The Color of Love is Blue,” with its ethereal vocals and descending chord progression performed through tightly-coiled, clipped-chime guitar work, evokes Robin Guthrie and The Cocteau Twins, with an added, slight soul inflection. Streamlined percussive elements solidify the homage, reflecting the boldly struck accents so prevalent on classic albums “Heaven Or Las Vegas” and “Four Calendar Café.” Currently on tour supporting Modern English, the band will be playing Rough Trade in Brooklyn on 11/22. - Dave Cromwell


Upper Wilds return from a quick tour to play Gold Sounds on 11.18

Upper Wilds are an experiment in distortion. Their debut album, "Guitar Module 2017" (Deli NYC record of the month last month) is one frenzied wave of noise going through the entire body. Once the senses accept this new experience, the lyrics can finally be appreciated. Somehow, through all the glitchy melodies come these heavenly vocals that find a near-perfect blend of pop and punk. This is another band that shouldn't work but totally does. To hear it, to believe it, check out Upper Wilds’ upcoming show at Gold Sounds on November 18, right after the band's brief east coast tour. - Amanda Ogea

Jaunt - Jangle Pop Rocker's New Single "Machined"

Hamilton jangly-pop rockers Jaunt are back with a brand new tune “Machined”. This tune has a softer feel with more electronic influences than I have heard from them before. Less Demarco and more Homeshake this time around. According to the band this song is about “recalling a memory you’d like to forget, over-analyzing to the point of uncertainty.” Which is something I think we can all relate to. This is a very interesting track with different influences flowing in and out as the song progresses. Jaunt plays Call the Office in London on November 16th for Mauno’s Release Party. – Kris Gies

Lillet Blanc brings Dream-Pop to Trans Pecos, 11.03

Lillet Blanc’s music takes a hint from their namesake: both are intoxicatingly sweet, yet refreshing. The band's execution of the dream-pop aesthetic showcases honeyed melodies, boasting Emily Rawlings’ vocals whirling through a backdrop of groovy pop stylings, and cutting through the sonic daydream with beautifully pure high notes. Thankfully, the band's “moody songs with a lil' sass” avoid falling into an excess of saccharine by featuring near-sinister lyrics that give them a unique edge. For a taste of something special, check out Lillet Blanc at Trans-Pecos, tonight (11.03). --Amanda Ogea


New DARK MTNS Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

DARK MTNS, a.k.a. the tandem of Zack Robbins and Josh Mackie, has a new album, Up Above This Cloud, out now via Dub Sum. Grounded in harmony-stitched melodies, the collection of songs projects an effervescent glow. However, one can pull back that folk surface to reveal a murkier, hard-churning sense of complex and, at times, chaotic terrain. Wade into its reassuring, shoegaze-y waters.


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