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Modern Time Machines gear up on dreamlike video for "High Noon," play The Satellite on 2/4

Modern shoegaze outfit Modern Time Machines aren't keen on playing it straight. Their technical proficiency could rival their nineties forebearers, given how their intricately-layered guitars and impassioned choruses weave together with clamorous virtuosity. On their latest, "High Noon," taken from their forthcoming second full-length, MTM, the band excels at writing a shimmering, hook-filled melody without heavily resorting to the usual grab-bag of influences.

Modern Times Machines have also just released a video for "High Noon." On it, the band cruise around the city as they stumble upon different kinds of gear on their way to their rehearsal space. But instead of taking a straightforward approach, they make things a little bit more fun by concealing a number of references that should appeal to both casual - and ardent - fans of local film director Paul Thomas Anderson. 

MTM is set for a release of April 6. Catch their upcoming performance at The Satellite on February 4. Here's the video for High Noon below. Juan Rodríguez


Sun Voyager Debuts "Seismic Vibes" LP on 04.20

Sun Voyager is a heavy-psych trio that gets it right. These fuzz freaks drag the psych genre back to its gritty roots, all the while using each song in their upcoming LP to subtly experiment with sister genres. The tracks are fresh (fresher than Sun Voyager’s bongwater, at least) and at the perfect lengths. For these guys there’s no need for pretentious half-hour anthems though - which, considering the band’s groovy setup, wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Get your preorder in for “Seismic Vibes,” their forthcoming album from King Pizza Records out on 04.20. --Amanda Ogea


New Dreamswell EP Available for Streaming & Download

Yesterday, the quartet of Dreamswell delivered its new EP Act 2. Blistering backend propels the doomgaze sound, aided by scorching guitar and the calming frost of ethereal vocals. Caught up in the hazy turbulence, one can find catharsis. You can catch the band’s EP release show this Sunday, January 28 at Boot & Saddle, where they'll be joined by Aster More, Katie Jo Knaub, and Haunted Homes, as part of Black Dog Gallery: Music & Art Collaboration (A Benefit Show for Planned Parenthood).

The Crowleys - "Pink Rainbows" and rockin' The Baby G in February

Hamilton psych rockers The Crowleys have dropped a new single “Pink Rainbows”. This tune takes a softer approach than what these fellas have done in the past. An acoustic guitar strums away in the background as a groovy bassline gets you lost in lazy vocals. Reverby lead guitar strums and picks away in its own world as the tune comes together near the end with a trippy solo when the drums kick in. All this before an even newer phase of the song kicks in and a happy piano plays you away. Very cool tune. The Crowleys will be opening for Spaceface at The Baby G on Friday February 2nd.Kris Gies 

Don’t miss the new gnarly space rock EP from The Rupert Selection

Boston’s post-rock trio The Rupert Selection are one of the few bands in New England that can mash hard, progressive rock and ambient space noodles into a signature sound. Their newest EP Modern Playground Medicine, plays out like a soundtrack to a space-age action movie; it’s one part blistering, jagged rock and roll, one part ambient weirdness. The trio somehow manage to channel hard/space rock bands like Quicksand and Failure while simultaneously displaying their influence in the landscapes of Stanley Kubrick, ultimately showcasing an effortless comfortability within their own unique vision. Get sucked into the vacuum of Modern Playground Medicine below. -Charley Ruddell


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