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No Honeymoon release new EP and plays Trans Pecos on 11/10

It’s been two years since Brooklyn dreamgaze collective No Honeymoon released their excellent sophomore EP “Together Alone” (reviewed on The Deli here).  The long wait for new material is now over with two tracks currently available as a preview of their latest EP “It’s Whatever.”  Recent single release “Were Doing Fine” shows the band stepping back from their previous, heavier shoegazey guitars, opting instead for a cleaner sound that helps highlight an heart-tugging melody and emotive vocal performance.  Newer cut “Don’t Want To” (streaming below) brings that weightier force back, while introducing what sounds like an organ behind the verses, with the vocal performance of Cait Smith reminiscing, at times, of The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan.  The unexpected tempo shift occurring a third of the way through slows things down to a more deliberate, buzzy and distorted sonic resolution.  You can preorder the EP now, with the band playing a show the night of its release at Trans Pecos on 11/10. Photo by Aya Sato  – Dave Cromwell


Overlake tours the US, returns to NJ on 12.09 at WFMU's Monty Hall

Jersey City’s three-piece Overlake has been contributing innovative, intimate shoegaze to the local scene since forming in 2012, and their newest LP Fall shows they are getting better and better at it. The record is saturated with guitar-driven anthems of nostalgia, thematically focused on the transience of life. Each song encapsulates a moment in time, following no chronological order; instead, this album moves like an emotional catharsis complete with blooming guitar parts, driving percussion, and powerful bass lines. The band is currently on a US tour. They'll return to their native NJ on December 9th with a show at WFMU's Monty Hall. - Lilly Milman

Plain Dog Brings Renewed Simplicity to Slacker Rock

While NYC may be abuzz with shoegaze, slacker rock, and grunge revival bands, there's something unmistakably unique about Brooklyn-based Plain Dog. Their latest song, "Cherry Cola," features all the hallmarks of nu-grunge --- fuzz-drenched guitars, driving rhythms and lo-fi production --- however there's something delightfully earnest in the song's celebration of something so simple. Plain Dog effortlessly attaches longing and nostalgia to something as ordinary as a cherry-flavored soda and in turn provides listeners with a tangible means of connection that works in ways where loftier lyrics of abstractions fail. You can catch Plain Dog's next show at Elsewhere on Monday November, 6th. -Andrew Strader 

Sooner bring their soft shoegaze to Alphaville on 10.28

We don't know for sure if the name of Brooklyn band Sooner was inspired by My Bloody Valentine's seminal track 'Soon,' but we think it's extremely likely that the British band from the '90s had its fair share of influence on their sound. The New Yorkers offer a more muted approach to the shoegazer formula, mostly built on John Farris' electric guitar parts, which build from intricate arpeggios to slightly overdriven chords, and the cloud of reverb surrounding them. Federica Tassano's  placid vocal melodies complete this gentle sonic picture, supported by a tight and clean rhythm section. The band will be playing Alphaville on 10.28.


PREMIERE: Homies - "Time Goes By"

There are many things lacking in Portland as a place, especially within the music scene. Despite the obvious deficiency in diversity, there are key figures and artists within the scene that continually contribute to changing that. Homies are considered some of these figures. Led by Omar Cervantes and Ralf Rodriguez, the hazy, fuzz laden Spanish dream-surf they produce is one to easily enjoy. Their newest music video provides just as much of that minimalistic pleasure.

Artistically shot, the video that accompanying their track "Time Goes By" is in all black and white, splicing in deep notes about the concept of time, and how it is essentially meaningless. Flames and a flower are an intro before displaying "nada es nuestro." Translating to "nothing is ours," it's a perfect delineation of what the video is trying to portray.

Nothing, including time, may be truly ours, but there are still positive things that can be done with the construct. This Saturday 10.19, Homies are playing La Fuerza: a Bori-Mex Benefit, a disaster relief fundraiser meant to benefit those who suffered during the hurricanes in Mexico and Puerto Rico being held at the Portland Mercado. Sets from Brown Calculus, CilantroMáscaras, LuvJonez and Coast2c will also be happening, with proceeds going to the community kitchen construction project by Patronato de Arte ContemporáneoOregon para Puerto Rico and Jóvenes x Puerto Rico. There's even a tampon drive for Portland Menstrual Society and Amy Nieto-Cruz's donation to Puerto Rico so bring new, unopened product.

Until then, enjoy Homies' new video below.

timegoesby from LoboNahual on Vimeo.


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