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Lawndry ushers the listener into a dreamy psychedelic world at the East Room on 8.20

On their Bandcamp page, Nashville-based Lawndry tags themselves as “stoner rock,” but they are so much more than that. Their February release, Yokooffers two versions of the same song; both engage the listener into the world of stripped-down psychedelia through hypnotic, distorted guitar riffs, a mesmerizing melody, and lyricism that is simultaneously genuine and a bit funny (“Did you come to Nashville / To Yoko my band?”). The main difference between the two tracks (aptly called “Yoko” and “Sloko”) is that the latter plays in slow motion. Listening to the full double single is almost like entering a trance (in the best way possible.) They will be playing at the East Room in Nashville on August 20th. - Lilly Milman, photograph by Yuri Figueroa 


New folksy release ‘spring and summer demos’ by Sault is DIY at its finest

One consequence of music streaming is the over-saturation of the DIY scene with sloppy EPs recorded in bedrooms and basements that all end up sounding very much the same. But Sault’s spring and summer demos is not one of those records. Recorded by Nashville three-piece Sault, the EP travels between emo, folk, and indie rock in just four songs. Tracks like “socks” start off slowly, but eventually explode in an outpouring of emotion too raw for a conventional scene (a vocal tactic not too far off from Conor Oberst.) As a first release, this project is extremely promising and marks Sault as a force to be reckoned with on the local scene. - Lilly Milman


Pool Cosby plays Bowery Electric 07.20

Electronic trio Pool Cosby recently released their LP, Blind Gold, a record that's at once soulful and... brainful. With its dynamic layer of samples and live instruments accompanying the electronic experimentation, the album showcases a symbiotic relation between ambient, chillwave leanings, and a hip-hop based style. The LP also includes an intriguing selection of featured artists: single “Thrive” (streaming) features the delicate vocals of Tiger Darrow alongside subtle instrumentals that shift between a calm droney atmosphere and a dancey chorus with deep electronic kick drum beats animated by a minimal, but funky, bass line. Don't miss these guys at Bowery Electric on 07.20. - Tafari Lemma

bellwire’s new single “Dreamin’” is a modern take on the Everly Brothers

If the chorus of Boston-based bellwire’s new single sounds familiar, it’s because it is. The classic repetition of the word “dream” comes from the Everly Brothers song “All I Have To Do Is Dream,” but that is where the similarities between these two tracks end. bellwire’s take on this song is dark, stripped down, and is more comparable to the likes of Patti Smith than the pop duo (maybe not sonically, but definitely lyrically.) Tyler Burdwood, the lead vocalist of bellwire, is currently on a solo tour with Massachusetts-based Jake McKelvie, of The Countertops. - Lilly Milman

KYYN's soulful indie-pop fusion in self-titled EP

Local indie-pop artist KYYN released her debut, self-titled EP last month. In stand out single "This is the Way Things Go" (streaming below), KYYN's soulful vocals are immersed in a dreamy and edgy R'n'B production that delivers a perfect sonic carpet for her smooth soprano. The track features a collaboration with fellow New York artist Miss, and illustrates KYYN’s talent for delicate and sharp lyrics and dusky, detailed electronic arrangements. - Tafari Lemma


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