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Fool to Cry: Great Nostalgic & Friends at the Ghost Room Saturday

Great Nostalgic

For a sliver of a pittance of a smidgen of cash, or, more specifically, for five bucks, you can catch three high-quality, low-fiber, polyunsaturated local bands this Saturday (Nov. 21st) at the recently born Ghost Room: The Great Nostalgic, Candi and the Strangers, and Leatherbag, all three of whom have new material in the works. So you would, in fact, be a fool to cry.


Do You Bennu?


One of my favorite things about Austin is our prediliction for the 24 hour joint - one fine shining caffeinated example being Bennu Coffee, nestled away on the east side on MLK near Poquito. Bennu feels Austin - it's relaxed & smart, and most importantly, they serve an excellent cup of coffee (and of course Torchy's Tacos). They keep the prose flowing, such as it is, here at The Deli. So help us thank 'em by checking it out - any time of day or night.


Best in Show: Corto Maltese! + New Poll


Hearty backslapping congrats to the members of Corto Maltese, who walked away victorious from the dustup that is the Deli Austin Artist of the Month Poll. You shall soon see their image boxed up above. But glory is brief: the new nominees are up, are in, are awaiting your sharp judgment. Have at it, people: Brothers and Sisters, International Waters, Ola Podrida (above), Pompeii and The Wooden Birds all cluster above right, late November suitors for your love. Vote vote vote! 

At least two of these nominees are available soon for your live enjoyment via your earholes and eyeholes: Brothers & Sisters play Emo's December 4th and Ola Podrida just announced a Dec. 11th date at the Mohawk. 



Low Line Caller Mix by Butcher Bear

Low Line Caller Mix

Headline pretty much says it all, but let's say it again - here's a mix put together by Butcher Bear of songs written and selected by Low Line Caller. LLC will hit the Mohawk this December 2nd for a Rare Magazine party...



Local Music Is Sexy: Live Review

Local Music IS Sexy.  I can emphatically confirm this statement.  Friday's local music night at the Mohawk was insanely entertaining.  I love all things Austin, but what was special about the night was the crowd.  Young hipsters, band geeks, and all those in between - like myself - all set the tone for a fun evening.
Going in, not knowing too much about the artists performing, I was pleasantly surprised with the caliber of the lineup.  Starting with the Minor Mishap Marching Band (above) and their grand entrance down the stairs and onto the stage like a funeral procession in New Orleans, I knew I was in for a treat.  Their melange of a marching band was like a French Bat Mitzvah, a Gypsy festival, a Cirque Du Soleil performance and they left me smiling and satisfied.  My cohort commented, "Have I seen them on Sesame Street?  I mean that in the BEST way!"
I haven't listened to PIL in a long time, but when manikin hit the stage, they brought the angst and pissed off charm of a Jon Lydon that I loved.  Vocals were limited, like a Devo, but there was lots of reverb and LOUD bass that blasted the Mohawk when they hit the stage.  With a one man horn section, a sexy and talented woman drummer, lots of in your face rock and roll, manikin is a show not to missed. 
I made my way inside to catch Silent Land Time Machine.  A recent graduate of UT who has captured the young club scene.  Spinning decks relentlessly all the while playing over with his electric violin.  A unique blend of dance and experimental beats...
On to International Waters.  Buddy Holly vs. Weezer.  Ocean Blue vs. The Lightning Seeds.  Their sensibilities are similar and that's a positive thing.  Lots of "anthemy" songs, but I would have liked a real break out tune.
TV Torso!  I am in love!  The best musicians I have seen always make their work look easy.  These guys are so tight, but relaxed and look like they are truly enjoying themselves.  A three piece band that...wait for it....sound to me like a modern version of the Everly Brothers with harmonies to die for and songs so catchy you find yourself dancing and humming along.  These guys could be playing for 10 or 10,000, it wouldn't matter, their heart and souls were evident in every beat.  Definitely my favorite of the night!
I found at the end of the night that not only is Local Music Sexy, it's really freaking good, too.  The lineup was stellar.  I was so impressed, I got online to look up bio information. I had to quench my music crushes.  The Mohawk was a great host, too.  The weather, the lights, the smell of cloves for God's sake, made the night unique and special, but the fantastic music - that's what I'll remember. 

--Ellen Green


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