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New Kerin Maguire LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Kerin Maguire explores personal philosophy and emotional intimacy in her recently released full-length album Self-Titled. Minimally adorned in folk instrumentation, the songs gravitate toward an ever-evolving understanding of the world and one’s place in it. Exhibiting an essence of hope for the future and an honest evaluation of past moments through narrative vignettes, Maguire finds a mechanism to relate on a universal note without sacrificing communicative closeness. We’re all just trying to figure things out one day/moment at a time.

Artists on the rise: Lily Konigsberg goes pop + plays Union Pool on 04.05

We covered Brooklyn musician Lily Konigsberg's music before, since she is involved with art punk (bordering on no wave) trio Palberta. However, considering that band's strictly electric/percussive sound, we hadn't realized Lily had released several solo electronic records. In 2016 she released two records outside Palberta, one uder the moniker Lily and the Horn Horse and the 'kawai that claps' EP under her own name. The former is a collaboration with Matt Norman (aka Horn Horse), and sounds like an eccentric pastiche of jazz and DIY experimental madness. The solo EP, on the other hand, abandons the extreme edges of her previous discography for a poppier approach, although without betraying her signature quirkiness and DIY approach. The record also introduces us to the gentle version of her voice, something miles apart from Palberta's grunts, and to a songwriter with a noteworthy talent for catchy melodies. You can check out Lily's avant pop at Union Pool on April 5th.

New Teef Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Singles, the latest collection of tracks from Teef, echoes another era, with beats centered on a combination of keys and patterned, percussive grooves. It’s that relaxed, sitting back in the pocket, before flowing free with a smooth air that locks things down. However, that chill state can quickly ramp up, switching the musical plot into suspenseful drama. Teef will be laying it down at Connie's Ric Rac on Thursday, March 30, as part of the Biz Mighty Variety Show.


Fauvely released a new EP this week called Watch Me Overcomplicate This via Midwest Action. Fauvely is the dream-pop project of Sophie Leigh.

You can catch Fauvely at The Empty Bottle on March 30th to celebrate the new EP. You can also catch her at Silvie’s on April 25th.

Expose Yourself - an interview with Brooklyn's THICK

Brooklyn garage rockers and riot grrrls THICK won an interview with The Deli through the Music Building's "Expose Yourself" campaign (anybody can sign up at any time for it over here). Check out the interview here and listen to the band's single 'Anymore" below.


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