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Mals Totem: Your top pick in the 2013 Readers' Poll

Readers of The Deli New England, with 478 votes, your choice for the 2013 Best Emerging Artist Readers' Poll: Mals Totem. Last year, the band was covered by the likes of Berklee College of Music, Allston Pudding and, of course, yours truly. With a vocalist that can chameleon across the band’s range of styles and tempos, the band's eponymous EP is certainly worthy of repeat listening. Check back for an interview with the guys soon, and in the meantime, take a listen to the Mals Totem EP below.


Rusty Belle: Your second place pick in the 2013 Readers' Poll

Amherst’s Rusty Belle is the second place winner in our 2013 Readers’ Poll. The folksters finished with 461 votes, just 17 behind the poll’s winner, Mals Totem. The band’s mix of folk, country and blues is unique enough, but it's the myriad of vocal styles keeps things interesting from song to song. “Devil in your Smile” showcases a deep male growl, while “Sad Little Boys” finds Kate Lorenz sounding like a more attentive Lana del Rey. Want even more reason to love the band? In addition to Zak Trojano, the trio features brother and sister Matt and Kate Lorenz. Check out the band’s Facebook page for a list of upcoming shows, including a February 5 gig in Cambridge and a stop in Proctorville, Vermont on February 15. – Jake Reed


And The Kids: Your third place pick in the 2013 Readers' Poll

And The Kids takes third place in The Deli New England’s 2013 Readers’ Poll. The Northampton-based band released its Neighbors EP in September amidst a flurry of shows in Western Massachusetts and across New England. The all-female trio’s blend of strong vocals and sparkly indie rock comes with a pinch of clever lyricism too; for instance, “You’re making money but you make no sense,” the ladies chant on “Wiser.” Take a listen to Neighbors below and catch And The Kids at T.T. the Bear’s Place on February 13 or at Burlington’s Radio Bean Coffeehouse on the 21st. – Jake Reed


Boston Hassle Debuts Patron 21 Campaign in Support of The Boston Compass

Massachusetts-based arts and culture community organization Boston Hassle (yes, the same awesome people who put on the epic Hassle Fest music festival last fall) has recently launched a Patron 21 campaign in support of the organization’s popular print newspaper, The Boston Compass. The Compass is a major source of local music news (show listings, CD reviews), as well as art and film happenings all around the city of Boston.


For those of you unfamiliar with Patron 21 (as I was), it is a consistent, monthly giving platform, similar to Kickstarter or Indiegogo. The main difference is that individuals can donate any amount (even as little as $2), which is deducted once each month, for a year (though donors are able to adjust the amount of their contribution or opt-out at any time). Instead of only spending your hard-earned money on boring things like car insurance and utilities each month, why not set aside a few bucks to help keep the arts and music scene alive and well in the Greater Boston area?

For more information about Boston Hassle and The Compass, check out www.bostonhassle.com. If you're intrigued by the artwork for this article, check out Courtney White's (the artist) website here.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)


The TeleVibes prepare for surfing weather with "Washed Up"

The TeleVibes’ Washed Up is the perfect merger of garage and surf rock. You can picture sitting on a driveway in lawn chairs in July while the band plays “Today” behind you, or local skaters using “Let’s Go” to soundtrack their latest film. The album begins on a light note: "Gnar'd" is a (comparatively) easy listen, with its simple chord progression, flanger-aided guitar solo and super catchy chromatic hook. As the EP progresses, the vocals slowly become more processed and muffled, as if they’re being sung through a megaphone gradually being buried in the sand, until becoming barely intelligible on "Today" and "Let's Go." The effect, however, works to the band's advantage, turning the vocals into one more instrument amongst a sea of distorted and reverb-heavy guitars. If you’re ready to start building up your playlist for the summer of 2014, Washed Up is a good place to start. – Jake Reed


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