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Mission 0 -- Bruises on the Map

There is a strange and almost contradictory type of freedom that comes with the label of pop music. While the title is sometimes thought of as the enemy and opposite of free expression, there are those who take the term as a simple standard of accessibility in their art, a sort of mantra that says “Art is anything that makes people enjoy life more.” In this new age of free media, electronic everything, and D.I.Y ethics becoming more of a necessity than an ethos, pop music has been the favorite vehicle of a large caravan of duos combining programed loops and live instrumentation in order to create a new series of dance music.

Now, in the wake of this mostly New York boy/girl boom, comes New Haven, CT’s own brother sister duo Megan and David Keith and their project Mission 0. The first full length offer from the siblings Keith comes in the form of Bruises on the Map, a ten track spectacle of smart pop structure and electric/trance vibe.

Bruises on the Map acts mostly as a showing of Sister Keith’s vocal ability along with the understated, but extremely well-constructed instrument arrangements of drummer/producer Brother Keith. The album’s tracks act as two sides of the same coin, trading off track to track between 90’s influenced power ballads and trance dance numbers, working as a good  ofwhat the duo is capable of. Bruise’s lyrics work mostly to carry the Sister Keith’s melodies and the tunes are best implemented as mood music rather than for hardnosed analysis. Anyone who is a fan of the boy/girl duo movement being populated by Cults, Matt and Kim, Sleigh Bells, or going as far back as The Eurythmics, would be well off adding Bruises on the Map to their collection and checking the duo out when they blow into town.--Anthony Geehan

Mission 0 -- Heavy Boots

Interview with the deli's Band of the Month: The Emergence

How did The Emergence start?

The band began in 2004 when we first recorded a two song demo. A year later, three of us went to school in different locations around the world, whilst two stayed back home in Bogotá, Colombia (Our Hometown). Three of us finally reunited last year in Boston where two of the members (Andres F Echeverry/LeadGuitar and Julian Ferreira/Bass) attend school. Ever since March of last year... Click here to read the rest of the interview with The Emergence.

The Emergence -- First Attack



Interview with the deli's Band of the Month: The Emergence
by Chrissy Prisco

How did The Emergence start?

The band began in 2004 when we first recorded a two song demo. A year later, three of us went to school in different locations around the world, whilst two stayed back home in Bogotá, Colombia (Our Hometown). Three of us finally reunited last year in Boston where two of the members (Andres F Echeverry/LeadGuitar and Julian Ferreira/Bass) attend school. Ever since March of last year we've been recording our first EP at home and at the 5th member's (George Martinez/SoundEng.) studio in Bogotá, we have a tour planned in the US starting June, we played Church of Boston and O'Briens in Allston opening for The Parlor Mob, also NYC and Bogotá at La Hamburgueseria where the response was great. We also shot our first music video with a great crew. Everything will be released in February if time permits and we hope to work hard this year to reach as many ears as possible.

Where did the band name come from?

The Emergence is the name of a combination of series of graphic content and musical content, it consists of a trilogy entitled The Emergence, The System and The End. Where an alien system has overtaken human actions on earth and will and made them ignorant to the world that surrounds them, music has been banned so The Emergence is one of those fictional bands which meet in the underground places in this post-apocalyptic world. The name came up randomly, as was the same with the logo. All ideas were sporadic and we all contribute to enhance and fortify the concept. The concept is being applied to everything that involves the content released by the group.

What are your biggest musical influences?

We all range from different musical backgrounds, we all enjoy a wide variety of music from Jazz to Dubstep, All kind of Good Rock, Death Metal and the new wave of Metal called Djent by some, Latin Music like music based on La Clave and Son Cubano. Music that is done with true intention can be felt, there's a barrage of music out there that is either directly imitating or copying content just for commercial purposes and celebrity status.

What artists (local, national and/or international) are you currently listening to?

We recommend Mateo Lewis based in Boston, Il Abanico based in NYC (formerly Boston), Smoking Underdog from Colombia. We listen to a variety of music, Willie Colon to Skrillex, Veil of Maya to James Blake or Justice. Music comes in many shapes, its important to have an open ear and explore music. Good music can be felt.

What's the first concert that you ever attended and first album that you ever attended?

something in Vertonia but we dont remember.

What do you love about New Englands music scene?

We have had te opportunity to play at great venues and the response of the people has been good so far. We have been mostly recording but we expect to reach a broader audience this year.

What would you like to see change in the local music scene?

Nothing actually, more bands and people stepping up to do music for it must be encouraged widespread. The US is a great place to start a band, if you work hard enough and you have a reliable demo the opportunities arise, whilst back home it's more difficult since there are a lot less venues and not widespread but a confined rock scene to the underground. Which is great because there is a lot of talent brewing, but few are seen around the world. Colombia has more than just Shakira. Rock and Metal thrive.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?

In February we release our first EP entitled First Attack on itunes and digital distributors. Physical copies with additional content will be available on demand. A US tour starting in June covering both coasts and hopefully to play as many gigs as possible.

What was your most memorable live show?

Bogotá last friday. It was the first time all the original members were reunited. It's the lineup that will tour the US if the Vortex allows.

Is there someone who has helped your band grow through support?

A lot of people have supported us but we have special people who have helped us with advice, they are all the "onelove tribe" and we value them a lot for their constant support, contribution in the good and the bad moments to The Emergence. We are all a part of the future.

Is there a piece of equipment you couldn't live without and why?

Our instruments and our brains.

Why do you read The Deli?

Publications which enable unknown artists to spread their art are necessary in a controlled musical "industry" which has exploited control over who is known and who is not and sometimes their choices dumb down the population. Everything is subjective and publications like the Deli allow the development of this subjectivity by transmitting new content.




The Emergenge







Soozapalooza 3 -- Friday, Jan. 20 @ TT's

Susan Kaup, has been heavily involved in the Boston music scene since moving here from Nebraska in 1994. She runs numerous websites and also spends her free time taking photographs and shooting video of local bands. Since 2010, she has hosted "Soozapalooza" at TT's to coincide with her birthday. It's a night of fun music, dancing, djing and even some karaoke.

Somerville Symphony Orkestar (pictured) - an Eastern European punk funk band from the Slavic heart of Greater Boston

Phil Aiken Army - indie pop superheroes led by singer + songwriter + keyboardist Phil Aiken

Good Night, States - guitars, vintage synths, indie quirks -- from Pittsburgh, PA

The People's Karaoke

And DJ Rory Stark between bands! Playing 70's glam and party rock favorites.

Tickets: $10 ADV, $12 at the door. Buy your ticket online here.

--The Deli Staff

Amory Sivertson -- Human

Amory Sivertson’s latest release, Human, is a wonderful mix of pop melodies, soothing piano lines and beautiful  vocals. Sivertson, an Emerson-college student, is signed to the student-run Emerson record label, Wax on Felt Records.

Drawing on influences from such artists as Feist, Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson, Sivertson manages to craft an album that is at once familiar and yet entirely unique and original. The opening track on the record, Wrap My Arms, is reminiscent of a blues number, infused with gospel and soul. The song, an acapella-style round, displays Sivertson’s vocal range and dynamic capabilities.

The entire album demands a listen, but the twelfth track, Compelling, is one particular instance where Sivertson’s brilliance really shines through. It begins slowly, meticulously building to a Feist/Florence and the Machine-style bridge with plenty of stops and dynamic shifts to get anyone moving up and out of their seat.

Overall, Human is a fantastic collection of songs. Sivertson’s songwriting and orchestration are of a caliber one rarely finds in independent music. Human is streaming (along with her earlier recordings) and available for purchase on her bandcamp site. Act fast – if Sivertson continues to make music sound this good, her songs won’t be available for five bucks for too much longer.--Daniel McMahon


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