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Soozapalooza 3 -- Friday, Jan. 20 @ TT's

Susan Kaup, has been heavily involved in the Boston music scene since moving here from Nebraska in 1994. She runs numerous websites and also spends her free time taking photographs and shooting video of local bands. Since 2010, she has hosted "Soozapalooza" at TT's to coincide with her birthday. It's a night of fun music, dancing, djing and even some karaoke.

Somerville Symphony Orkestar (pictured) - an Eastern European punk funk band from the Slavic heart of Greater Boston

Phil Aiken Army - indie pop superheroes led by singer + songwriter + keyboardist Phil Aiken

Good Night, States - guitars, vintage synths, indie quirks -- from Pittsburgh, PA

The People's Karaoke

And DJ Rory Stark between bands! Playing 70's glam and party rock favorites.

Tickets: $10 ADV, $12 at the door. Buy your ticket online here.

--The Deli Staff

Amory Sivertson -- Human

Amory Sivertson’s latest release, Human, is a wonderful mix of pop melodies, soothing piano lines and beautiful  vocals. Sivertson, an Emerson-college student, is signed to the student-run Emerson record label, Wax on Felt Records.

Drawing on influences from such artists as Feist, Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson, Sivertson manages to craft an album that is at once familiar and yet entirely unique and original. The opening track on the record, Wrap My Arms, is reminiscent of a blues number, infused with gospel and soul. The song, an acapella-style round, displays Sivertson’s vocal range and dynamic capabilities.

The entire album demands a listen, but the twelfth track, Compelling, is one particular instance where Sivertson’s brilliance really shines through. It begins slowly, meticulously building to a Feist/Florence and the Machine-style bridge with plenty of stops and dynamic shifts to get anyone moving up and out of their seat.

Overall, Human is a fantastic collection of songs. Sivertson’s songwriting and orchestration are of a caliber one rarely finds in independent music. Human is streaming (along with her earlier recordings) and available for purchase on her bandcamp site. Act fast – if Sivertson continues to make music sound this good, her songs won’t be available for five bucks for too much longer.--Daniel McMahon

BR1GHT PR1MATE -- The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry [REMIXES]

As seen on FOX News in 2010 for a live performance, BR1GHT PR1MATE are one of many artists riding the 8-bit nostalgia wave with their dance-y chiptune style. The Boston duo, made up of singer Lydia Marsala and video gamer James Therrien, currently has a smattering of EPs, covers, video game soundtracks, and other odds and ends, including The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry [REMIXES], the August, 2011 release.

In April 2011 BR1GHT PR1MATE released The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry, a six-song album about “hope, death, sci-fi, businessmen, cooking and reality television,” according to the band. And in response to reaching 300,000 downloads of their music, BR1GHT PR1MATE initiated a remix album featuring electronic artists Decktonic, Smiletron, I am [noun], and Misfitchris. Each of the four tracks on the remix album is a reworking of the original-- BR1GHT PR1MATE’s chiptune and vocal samples are weaved in along with the unique sounds provided by each of the collaborators.

The remixes are restructured versions of the originals with a lot more layering, bringing them away from BR1GHT PR1MATE’s basement party style and making them more dance club ready. Two of the artists put a different spin on Fanfare: Misfitchris of Connecticut gives the song a more full, entrancing sound while New York’s Decktonic plays up the chiptune parts. Providence duo I am [noun] throw some dubstep on Please Me and throw in a totally sweet, out-there electro breakdown at the end. Chiptune artist Smiletron experimented with Reach, taking out the original vocals entirely and adding more clubby elements.--Sarah Ruggiero

BR1GHT PR1MATE will be playing Monday, Feb. 13 at Great Scott.

The Gang of Thieves -- Dinosaur Sandwich Party

No need to worry about bland, generic tunes here. If the Darth Vader-esque monologue at the beginning of Raw Milk doen’t grab your attention, hopefully the funky riffs do. If not, check your pulse.

With its colorful album cover displaying exactly what the title says, The Gang of ThievesDinosaur Sandwich Party appears to be the kind of party to end all other social gatherings. The Burlington, VT band came together in early 2009, and currently the band boasts a 50 percent chance of dreadlocks.

Dinosaur Sandwich Party is their second full-length album and was released in August, 2011. The album expertly pens the jam session vibe, full of sweet bass and a mood that sways between upbeat and laid-back. The Gang’s funky rock and roll sound is both bouncy and smooth, but they can also pull off that dirty, old-school rock style, most notably in Necromantic Judo, whatever that song title means. Dharma Dojo hints at Red Hot Chili Peppers, whose vibe pokes its head throughout other points in the album, along with Rage Against The Machine, whose magnetizing riffs obviously reflect back to Gang of Thieves’s style.

The gold star for this album goes to guitarist Nick Wood, whose riffs and solo work glide seamlessly on their own and carry the songs forward on a wave. Wood’s guitar work also weaves well with Michael Reit’s vocals.

Okay, so the lyrics might encroach a bit on cheesiness at times, but the songs never stop being fun. Reit’s fiddle-playing featured in The Bunny Song makes for a pleasantly surprising addition to the track as they close out the album.

The Gang of Thieves, if it was apparent enough in the title track, just want to kick it, and it’s likely they put on the type of live show at which even the most adamantly stand-still-with-arms-crossed folks in the crowd won’t be able to resist some sort of rhythmic movement.--Sarah Ruggiero

Deli Best of New England 2011 - Fans' Poll is up!

We are getting there folks! We just uploaded the full list of artists nominated for our Best of New England 2011 Poll for Emerging Artists. It's in the right column on this same page and also HERE, where you can actually vote. Some bands in the list were selected through a submission process and some others were picked by our jury of local scene-makers, who could freely choose 3 bands each in order of preference. Points were already assigned to each band according to how well they did in the selection process. Now the readers' and fans' votes will also influence the final chart. Each vote will count!

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