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Thick Shakes Announce Northeast Tour in January with Radio Control

Thick Shakes are braving the New England winter (but wasn't it 50 degrees just a couple days ago?) and hitting the road this January with Radio Control for a tour around the Northeast.

Tour dates:
1/13 Flywheel, Easthampton, MA: w/ Missing Data, the Fantasies
1/14 house show, Syracuse: w/ ThoseGhostfuckers
1/15 the Monkey House, Winooski, VT
1/21 131 Washington, Portland, ME: w/ the Restless Shades

The band says they'll be back in Boston in late January for shows that include Ghost Box Orchestra, Royal Wedding & Leagues at the Rosebud, as well as Boston's first Ladyfest.

--Chrissy Prisco

The Vacant Lots Announce Free Digital Single Remix, Kingdom Come, To Be Released New Year's Eve

Burlington, Vermont's The Vacant Lots are offering a new unreleased track, Kingdom Come, as a free download on New Year's Eve. Remixed by Spectrum drummer Roger Brogan, who also provides drums, percussion, electronics and drone, Kingdom Come was written and produced by The Vacant Lots. Brian MacFadyen contributes organ and electronics to the track as one half of the band's permanent lineup, while Jared Artaud provides guitar, vocals and lyrics, as the groups frontman.

A steady gentle organ runs throughout the track, allowing Jared's vocals and spaciously executed guitar figures to float atop like waves on an ocean. The mix is carefully textured, with percussion provided more for emphasis, rather than any kind of steady beat keeping. That, combined with shifting tempos, creates a somewhat mystical listening experience.

On NYE these links will be activated :

Official Music Video
Free Download link of Kingdom Come on Bandcamp.

Citing influences such as the Mississippi delta blues sound of Bo Diddley, New York pioneers The Velvet Underground and Television, Detroit's The Stooges and The UK's Spacemen 3, the band has evolved all of this into their own sound, combining minimal drumming, hypnotic guitar riffs, electronic drone, poetry-driven lyrics, and live film projections. They are a band who not only embrace their influences - but are confident that the filter of their own sensibility will yield something uniquely their own.

Their debut single Confusion/ Cadillac was released earlier this year on Mexican Summer as the band embarked on east and west coast tours, while playing significant festivals inbetween. Their tours have included supporting Sonic Boom's Spectrum as well as apperances at SXSW, Austin Psych Fest 4, and a featured support slot for Dean & Britta's Galaxie 500 show in Brooklyn. This past September had them touring the west coast, followed by a mid-western stint during October. Currently in the process of recording new material, expect a second single out soon, to be followed by a first official album release.

--Dave Cromwell

Deli Regional Year End Polls Update: Open Submissions Results slowly released

Deli readers, indie bands and artists,

This year, our Year End 2011 Polls for emerging artists are proving to be more challenging than ever, with 11 US scenes involved and 1,500+ submissions between our own system and the Sonic Bids applications. We are spending a significant portion of the our Holidays listening to your music (thanks for that by the way!), and we haven't even had the chance to check out the bands selected by our jury of local promoters, bloggers and scene makers yet...

ANYWAYYYY... the results of the Open Submissions are slowly coming toget and we are slowly going to publish them starting with NYC (check back!). Sonic Bids selections will be coming after that.

Whether you were selected or not, it's always good to remember that in 1961 The Beatles were rejected by Decca with the following gems: "guitar groups are on the way out" and "The Beatles have no future in show business." Take that as a friendly reminder that there is no final authority on music, despite what pitchfork.com would have you believe.

Year End Poll Next Phase: The Fans' Poll
The next phase of the Poll - a vote open to the fans - is likely to start in the first week of January and end at the end of that same month. We'll spread the cities out a little bit to minimize contemporary traffic spikes that repeatedly brought our site down last year. So stay tuned. We should have the final results for our two separate final charts (fans poll and composite chart including the jurors' vote) by the end of January.

Also, of course all this is possible also because of our sponsors - many of them are providing free studio time and prizes for the winners. Here they are - God Bless 'em!


The Deli's Staff

Ratigan -- Fortune Metal

Within the first moments of Fortune Metal’s opening song, it’s obvious that Pavement is possibly the biggest influence on Ratigan’s music. The Providence, RI indie group, led by 20-year-old Patrick Higgins, share a nostalgia similar to that of most kids who grew up in the 1990s, and it is made evident in their lo-fi and low-key alternative rock. Higgins talk-sings his way through Cherry Blossom and the rest of the songs in a way that blends Gordon Gano, Stephen Malkmus, and John McCrea at its best, but sounds as if it was recorded in his sleep at its worst.

The fifteen songs of Fortune Metal range from the boisterous noise of Get a Load of THIS (Magic the Void) and the aptly named What the Fuck (Noise), to the instrumental explorations of Criteria, Dreaming of You, Waltz, and Love You. The band make it a point to add fits of clamor sporadically throughout.

One of the album’s highlights to play on repeat is French Kiss, a quirky and endearing song of seduction that you’ll wish someone wrote with you in mind. Higgins quips lines like “Unbutton my buttons and lay me down to die / Black mascara dripping from the circles in your eye”; The perfect make-out jam for the lusty indie pop couple.

Fortune Metal concludes its 42-minute journey with its most candid and gripping track, Chaos. Soft guitar and tambourine lead into introspective and emotionally hopeless lyrics. The song proceeds into ghostly wails echoing behind the repeated droning of “the emptiness always finds its way back in.”

The music Ratigan produces here is always understated and blissfully haphazard, but never dull. Unrefined and earnest, Fortune Metal proves to be an ambitious first full length for Ratigan.

--Sarah Ruggiero

Night Fruit -- Dark Horse 7"

A long time ago, the only wise thing a very unwise person said was “Revolutionize your field and, short of that, convince others that is what you’re doing”, This is a rough paraphrase, of course; however, the point is Night Fruit don’t need to convince too hard.

On Dark Horse, their follow up to their debut Triangles EP, they blend a shoegaze dreaminess with sinister post-apocalyptic undertones, due to the otherworldy-ness of lead singer Amanda Dellevigne’s voice. It is a voice that rises and falls dreamy and distant and rides Jonathan Gill’s guitar like a stripper on a pole -- all hips and swinging around. Commanding is one word to use. The guitar is reverby, and how. Jon often looks like he’s play-acting rockstar when he’s on stage, but it all comes down to the fact that he loves to entertain. He’s a greater guitar player for it too; this man isn’t afraid to throw every iota of emotion into a set or onto a record. Luke Sullivan’s tight drumming betrays his disaffected demeanor; he’s having fun no matter how taciturn the expression on his face.

The title track undulates out of the gate with dreamy riffing from Gill’s end and builds from there on out with Dellevigne’s voice, that enchanting dreamscape voice. Paper Thin is more of a straight forward rock song that includes some lovely building and breaking down, the bridge for this song was my favorite on the album. Bittersweet finishes this offering with some poppy goodness, a great bouncy beat, and some sing-a-long quality lyrics. Overall, a great showing from this excellent gang of bandits.

Night Fruit shows have a tendency to be an awfully good time and you should check them out. These smooth operators can be seen in the near future on:
Jan 10 at TT the Bear's with Slowdim and You Can Be A Wesley
Feb 24 at O’Briens with Lymbyc Systym

--Chris Saenz


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