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Circuit des Yeux Channels Something Deep at Pitchfork

Listening back through the catalog of Haley Fohr (aka Circuit des Yeux) you can appreciate the vocal range and the emotional nature of her songwriting. However, until you witness her live performance you don’t realize the magnitude of both of those factors. As she prepared to let the opening song, “Brainshift” (also the opening song from her 2017 album Reaching For Indigo), she approaches the mic, eyes closed, arms extended, perfectly still. Is she centering herself or is she channeling some force deep within herself?

Throughout the set, the five members of the Circuit des Yeux stage band which included violin, cello, Taylor Damon on Drums, Cooper Crain (Cave, Bitchin Bajas) on keys and Bass and Rob Frye (Cave, Bitchin Bajas) on Percussion, matched Haley’s vocal dynamics perfectly bring the energy up and down as needed. Each member seemed to almost entranced as they performed the cinematic set that was equal parts beautiful, intense, and scary. The entire set was beautiful and powerful and one of the standout moments of Day two of Pitchfork Music Festival.


Paul Cherry Performs Flavour in Full

The music of Paul Cherry is intristically romantic, but as he kicked off day two of Pitchfork Music Fest it felt like he was singing right to me. I mean he kept looking over, smiling, I think he even winked once. I soon realized I was standing next to his girlfriend!

Despite the small crowd partially filled with family members (and girlfriends), Paul Cherry and band were genuinely thrilled to be performing and set the tone for a day filled with funk, soul, and R&B. Cherry’s take on soul is tinged with a little Yacht Rock, a little ’80’s Pop, and a lot of fun. The band treated the crowd by performing their latest LP, Flavour, in full for the first time. They even threw in a cover of “Couldn’t Love You More” by John Martyn which fit their set perfectly.

Overall, the mellow nature of his music was the perfect way to ease into a great day of music.


Saba Performs His First Chicago Show of 2018 at Pitchfork

Since the release of his latest EP, “Care For Me”, back in April Saba has been touring the country making yesterday’s performance at Pitchfork his first Chicago show of 2018. He started it off by vowing to make it a special show and he certainly did. The first half of the set featured songs from “Care For Me” which are emotional for Saba to perform and helped him to connect with the massive crowd.

As the set built to his older material the energy level of crowd built and clearly feed Saba's energy level. By the time he got to “Church/Liquor Store”, from his 2017 "Bucket List EP", the crowd was bouncing and Saba was going wild on stage. Chicago hip hop was done proud today, and folks all around the fest were left buzzing about Saba.


Melkbelly Brings The Force To Pitchfork

It is the contrast of loud and quiet that some band’s use show dynamics, but for Melkbelly that is only found in their stage banter. For Miranda Winter’s that contrast is sharp as she shyly announces that they are Melkbelly and they are from Chicago. The four-piece then launches into an explosive song and you see a whole new side the remarkable lead singer. There is an angry energy that bleeds through as screams and snarls through a fast paced set in front of an ever growing crowd.

Rain continued to fall, but Miranda told the crowd “Welcome to the Midwest” as chants of “No Coast” rolled through the crowd. The band blazed through the highlights of 2017 album No Valley with forcefulness that could not be captured by even the best engineer. What shown through the strongest in this set is the powerful drumming of James Wetzel. His steady but driving backbone was like a helping hand through the chaos that Winters' create. This is a band that needs be seen live and what better a place than Pitchfork Music Festival.


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