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November 2013
Wooden Shjips
"Back to Land

Hailing from San Francisco, psychedelic group Wooden Shjips, has just released their newest album Back to Land. The album brings together a sound crafted from inspirations that range from psychedelic music to classic rock.

The album is an entire trip in itself.  One can hear hints of 80s music, classic rock, and modern garage rock styles in the record, but they always resolve back to their classic psychedelic sound. With tracks like “In The Roses,” which brings a very spacey, low volume vocals, and a lo-fi sound that is not too cheesy or under produced. to “Ghouls,” which is a much faster, much more psychedelic rock sounding song that takes influences from classic rock guitar chords, while still utilizing classic psychedelic synthesizers.

Most songs on the album carry a jam-band sound, without becoming too abstract or getting too carried away. And in some cases, the music is so vast in genre diversity, one is surprised at the resulting sound, such as in the track, “These Shadows”, which starts off with an extremely catchy intro guitar riff and carries a vague David Bowie meets Velvet Underground sound.

“Back to Land” is a great piece of work that utilizes the potential of each member of Wooden Shjips effectively and thoroughly.

Most importantly, “Back to Land” is an experimentation of how far the psychedelic genre can stretch while still successfully staying true to its roots.

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los angeles

BØRNS releases new EP, shares new single

There's not much information about elusive electro pop artist Garrett Borns, aka BØRNS, at the moment, besides his love of taking selfies and taking snapshots that look like old polaroids. They're both well-documented on his Instagram page, though what he's giving attention to this week is the release of his debut EP Candy. Backed up by major label powerhouse Interscope, his latest single, "10,000 Emerald Pools", should soon make him a household name - the track has a beach bum vibe, as Borns confesses that he's falling deeply (yes, literally, as the title suggests) for someone. There's plans for him to tour this fall, with dates coming up shortly. 


Stream: Draag, "Lavender Hole"

The new single by alt-shoegaze act Draag, "Lavender Hole", takes inspiration straight from the American response to U.K.'s form of shoegaze in the early nineties. It forges that same blissed-out, atmospheric wash with some college rock sportsmanship, meaning that the entire production emphasizes agreeable fuzz and clarity over chaotic dissonance. The track is featured on their latest recorded effort, Tracii Lords, which follows their self titled LP. The band will be performing at Bootleg HiFi this coming Tuesday, November 21st.


Video: Black Belt Karate, "Transformer"

Black Belt Karate is certainly not lacking in musical credit, as they boast an impressive list of past musical endeavors. Ryan Hanifl, the lead singer and songwriter, has composed music featured in various television shows and national commercials. Jason Achilles Mezilis plays guitar for both Owl and Clock - with Chris Wyse and Vivian Campbell, respectively. Harry Anthony Ostrem plays bass for Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses) and Ryan Brown drums for Zappa Plays Zappa and SexTapes with Chris Pitman (Guns N' Roses). With solid separate backgrounds, Black Belt Karate feels more like a supergroup than anything else. "Transformer", their new track, has an indie pop California ease cut with NY garage punk influences. They are nostalgic and new at the same time - with a humor and quirk reminiscent of 90's indie rock giants Cake and Weezer, but with an edgier Queens of the Stone Age sound. The video is a clever take on a police lineup, with Hanifl, Mezilis, Ostrem and Brown acting as the usual suspects. Their charm is apparent and infectious, proving any recognition they receive is both well-earned and deserved. - Jennifer Mergott


The Deli Presents Roses at Bootleg HiFi

In the simplest terms, Roses can be described as eighties-leaning nostalgics with a penchant for dramatic flourishes that bristle with a somber tone. Their latest EP, Dreamlover, is filled with lush soundscapes reminiscent of The Wake, tempered synth-leaning ballads with textured keyboards that ache as much as they delight. For the entirety of this month, The Deli LA will be presenting their month-long residency every Sunday night. It kicks off this Sunday, November 9th, in which they'll be joined by Dunes, Michael Vidal, and a DJ set with Bethany Consentino of Best Coast. Stream the upbeat, gleaming pop jam "It's Over", and head to the Bootleg this Sunday night for a fun-packed night. 


Stream: Busy Living, "Let You Down"

We've all been there. No two people love each other equally, which is the theme trio Busy Living explore on their latest track "Let You Down". "I don’t want to let you down/ but it’s gonna happen", goes Mike Moonves's sprightly chorus as a smattering of propulsive synths wash over the track's anthemic pull. Produced by Spoon's Jim Eno, "Let You Down" is a slight departure from their more streamlined guitar pop. It's a joyful moment marked with some sadness, and they bring a potent reason to celebrate the beauty of oneself when the love we invest on so fully may go unrequited. 



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