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Free Throw plays emo that might make you feel like you're in middle school again

So maybe you gave up on wearing your sister's jeans, but your heart was never were able to fully give up on your middle-school-era emo music phase. Free Throw may be just the band for you. The Nashville natives serve up songs busting with visceral punches, and primed to cut right through your gut and leave you screaming the lyrics along to your car radio. The band's currenly revving up for a national tour (dates here) but in the meantime, stream them below.-Olivia Sisinni


Darrin Bradbury crafts narrative Americana on new album

Sometimes you just need some home-cooked Americana music, and Darrin Bradbury serves up just that. On Elmwood Park, the Nashville artist's latest release, Bradbury forges strong narratives, and crafts meaningful stories behind each song. It's music-as-vingettes, and though his sound is simple, and his voice is perhaps rough around the edges, his music reads like soul food. Check out Darrin Bradbury streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni


Hula Hi-Fi drops new EP of dark Hawaiian tracks

Chances are, you haven't heard a band quite like Hula Hi-Fi. The Nashville-based threepiece, consisting of Sarah Bandy on ukulele, Annie Clements on upright bass, and Josh Kaler on lap steel, produce haunting, ethereal melodies that have the feel of 50s-era Hawaiian imports, but lack the saccherine sunshine. Like black sand on a beach, Hula Hi-Fi's music is dark and unexpected, but perhaps all the more beautiful because of it. Check out their new release, Hawaiian Noir: Volume One, and listen to them streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni


Tessa Violet drops new electro-pop EP, "Halloway"

Tessa Violet, the Nashville-based YouTube vlogger turned electro-pop artist, is known for crafting danceable, quirky songs with piercing lyricism and her latest EP, Halloway, is no different. Featuring 5 tracks worth of certifiable bangers, Halloway explores love, loss and the difficulty of navigating the spaces in between. In conjunction with the release, Tessa Violet also returned to her familar medium to produce several music videos that accompany the EP, and are just as stunning visually. Check out her lyric video for the song "Haze" below.-Olivia Sisinni

Trella drops new indie pop single, "Retreat"

 With dulcet vocals, minimalist keyboard loops, and soaring choruses, indie pop artist Trella certainly has a firecracker of a song on her hands. "Retreat," the latest release from the Nashville-based artist, was written with her Jacksonville Florida roots in mind, and explores the places that we retreat to and can find respite, both physcially and within our minds. Check out the track streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni


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