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Album Review: Pretend to Be Nice - Slutever

Fond of Beavis and Butthead and the American flag, self-defined brat-punks Slutever maintain their status of rad with the release of Pretend to Be Nice. Whether heard via download or vinyl (black or the limited and very sold out option of red), Rachel Gagliradi and Nicole Snyder’s Pretend to Be Nice aptly highlights the duo’s strengths, snarky diction and fuzzed out riffs, while capturing the energized finesse of a basement show. The one-two click start of “I Can Dream the Rest Away” captures the misgivings of a disillusioned romantic or a dreamer in a faux relationship, unfolding like an anthem of longing mixed with frustration and a dash of indifference. Dreamy ahs premise lines like “You’re sleepless, you’re restless, this will never go away,” giving Pretend to Be Nice’s longest a moody surf pop vibe that makes ballads by bands like Best Coast seem lacking and overly sweet. A cleaner cut of “No Offense”, plays out louder than Sorry I’m Not Sorry’s rendition with thumping drums and the occasional jangle of tambourine. Between the two versions of the song, the newer of the two bridges the gap between demo-style lo-fi and femme fronted noise pop like Vivian Girls’ debut or Las Robertas’ Cry Out Loud. “RIP Maple” (which is about a beloved bong) rolls in with crashes of cymbals and Gagliradi’s trademark vocals alongside guitar shreds. Ending with “So Prone”, the 7" is an impressive snapshot of the band’s growing potential, leaving fans waiting for them to reach “buzz band” status and start selling out shows. Below is the premiere of "RIP Maple" for you to check out, and you can also order your copy of Pretend to Be Nice HERE. - Dianca Potts

RIP Maple by slutever


PDX Pop Now! Fest Requests! Now! Request Now!

That time of year has come around. Spring is in the air (along with perpetually grey clouds and a weak smattering of rain), summer is around the corner (or, rather, around the corner, but down a few blocks, in that one building that is kind of hard to find, and up a few flights of stairs), and music festivals are ripe for the picking. Portland's own free, all-ages extravaganza, PDX Pop Now! Fest is sneaking its way slowly into our dreams of blistering daylight, and now is the time to pick who you want on the stage of that dream. And it's pretty damned simple:

 "Got a favorite Portland band you've never seen live? Know about a secret gem of an artist who deserves to play? We want to hear about it. All you've got to do is type the name of the band you want to see into the box below and boom you're off! Have more than one band you'd like to see play? Lather, rinse, and repeat!"

Go here to get to latherin'!


YOU'RE A WINNER! Wild Ones Tonight at Mississippi Studios!


As much as the title of their debut EP, You're A Winner, reminds me of spammed ads from AOL back in the day, Wild Ones have really done the right thing this time. I mean, they do the right thing all the time. Coming from what was Eskimo & Sons turned orchestra-soul Congratulations, Wild Ones is the newest project from Danielle Sullivan and Thomas Himes. You're A Winner teems with careful pop melodies that are perfectly ironed down by Sullivan's captivating coo. Synthy keys careen around the unbearably smooth beats sneaking from Andy Parker's drum kit on the track "Forever Jam", which presses your body to dance lest the song passes you by, while the naptime track "Pacific" takes you into a daydream of coastline sunrises. Overall, I might call it perfect. I can't want to see what these Wild Ones have in store for us next.

Playing with The Seedy Seeds and Milagres tonight at Mississippi Studios, it's sure to be a dance party of epically mellow proportions. Proportionally epic mellowness, maybe? Whatever. It's going to be good. Just go and dance. -Mike Harper



Free Download: “The Rest of Them” - Attia Taylor

Ethereal experimental pop princess Attia Taylor just posted a new track “The Rest of Them”, which you can take a listen to and download for free below. “This is a small taste of what some of my new work will sound like.” You can also check out her new blog Lady.Bang.Beat. that is dedicated to giving exposure to her favorite female musicians. Enjoy! - The Deli Staff

The Rest of Them by AttiaTaylor


Mixel Pixel are back with a new video + album announced for the spring

Full disclosure: Mixel Pixel are the favorite band on the planet of The Deli's Editor in Chief's wife - she repeatedly insisted that he put them on the cover of the NYC printed edition of The Deli Magazine, but so far he has resisted this pressure. For no particular reason though, because this is a truly fantastic, imaginative and fun band, that was featured in the very first issue of The Deli back in 2004. Mixel Pixel has just released this new video of the song "Haze For Days". The clip is totally animated - made from claymation, reminiscent of Pee-Wee's playhouse. The intricate narrative is like an "exploding sketchbook" brought to you by director Lindsay Kovnat, who has previously worked with Man Man and Plastic Little.


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