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Weekly Feature #219b: Brahms - Live at Glasslands, 10.03

BRAHMS’ electro, indie-pop melodies are danceable and infectious gracefully delivered. Tracks march forward with the forceful intensity of layered drums, guitars, and synths. Eric Lodwick, Drew Robinson, and Cale Parks, three admittedly spontaneous people with eclectic musical influences, spawned BRAHMS in an unplanned but natural manner. It was this process that allowed them to create their tight Coldwave power, melding their undefined differences and artistic unpredictability. The “buzz”-about-this-electro-band pun never really gets old, and in the case of BRAHMS, it’s actually totally warranted. BRAHMS have made a name for themselves in large part because of their impressively successful live openings for larger acts (e.g. Passion Pit, Delorean) and healthy sense of immediacy. The ability of BRAHMS’ expressive music to elicit both emotional and physical reactions is a true reflection of the time period from which their name originates. - Read Paul Dunn's interview with the band here. - BRAHMS will be playing a Deli CMJ party at Brooklyn Bowl on 10.20 with Keepaway, Oberhofer and Bear Hands. See full schedule of The Deli's CMJ parties here.


Weekly Feature #219a: Eskalators, live at Silent Barn 09.24

Eskalators are part band and part public performance piece. As if being a ska-influenced band in the Brooklyn indie scene isn’t already enough to raise some eyebrows, the band’s infamous and well-documented subway car performances have grabbed the attention of the Village Voice, the New York Post and Time Out New York. Eskalators formed in 2007 and performed their first show on—yes—an escalator in the Mall of America, and have since gone on to incorporate 18 members, including Williams. On the new record, Cats and Dogs Living Together, the band combines melodic and raw power-pop/punk vocals and power chords, a horn section, and everything from flute and glockenspiel to djembe. The songs are instantly infectious—melodic hooks abound and Williams’s vocals tap into the urgency of  20-something angst. The Eskalators aren’t totally a ska band (and to be fair, not everyone in the band grew up listening to ska) there’s enough pop melody and instrumental variety to push the band into other musical categories, and anyone with an interest in fun, energetic, and well-crafted songs should hop on board and sing along (lyrics are included with the band’s new record for that very purpose). – Read Bill Dvorak's Q&A with the band here.


Welcome to Opening Day of the Philly F/M Fest!

So the inaugural run of the Philadelphia Film and Music Festival is upon us. I know that there are a shitload of events so it may seem a little overwhelming, but a few of us here at The Deli rummaged through the mounds of acts participating to bring you what might be the highlights of the fest. It’s pretty obvious where I think you should be tonight and with good reason. Join me and The Deli crew for the Official Opening Party of the Philly F/M Fest! We are stoked about tonight’s lineup! You’ll be treated this evening to the madcap powerpop goodness of Hair Rocket, followed by the growl and footstompin’ blues-garage rock by the creature that they call TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb. But if you know anything about The Deli, we like to mix things up here so we had to bring in The Homophones with their good time grooves and witty, biting melancholy. We’ll close out the evening with ROIR's once thought to be mythical four-headed beast, the mighty Univox, who will be premiering their video for “Conan”! Nice.

But the night is young and I do have my festival pass so I will hopefully be making the Notekillers set at the M Room. Their old tracks sound great and the new tracks demonstrate that they haven’t lost a step. Now I’s gotsta sees it live! I’ll also be heading over to JB’s where the ladies and gents of A Sunny Day in Glasgow will be holdin’ it down. (A little hint about tonight: What does Brian Wilson and Ben Daniels have in common?). There is certainly plenty to entertain you on this opening evening. And here’s what I’m bummed that I’ll be missing being a pedestrian (note for next year: shuttle service to various venues with bathrooms would be pretty cool). I’m really digging the On Tyme Music Marketing Showcase with Ethel Cee, 84 and Duhmi at, of all places, Club Risque. Oh - too bad that I probably won’t see anybody make it rain tonight. Agent Moosehead’s live scoring of “Attack of the Giant Leeches” at World Café Live (in my most evil mad scientist voice) “looks very interesting”. If you’re over on that side of the Walnut St. Bridge, swing by Millcreek Tavern where our favorite good ole boys Levee Drivers will be sharing a bill with Early Ape and Giant Mind. Creep Records will be providing plenty of blaring guitar riffs for the local punk rockers and metalheads at Media Bureau. The Cobbs and Music for Headphones is also a welcomed live music treat on a Thursday night at Silk City. That’s a lot of shit, mang, so maybe you should work on that fake cough at work today to set the stage for calling out sick on tomorrow.

- Q.D. Tran

Three NYC bands compete to go to CMJ + win 10k in equipment

The Young Things, Galaxy of Tar (pictured) and Trent Hancock are the 3 NYC finalists (out of a total of 20 from all over the US) of the Sennheiser/CMJ HearIAm initiative, which will reward one band with a CMJ show at Le Poisson Rouge on October 20th and $10k in audio equipment. Fans of the bands that will participate to this initiative by casting their vote (here) will be elegible for some free CMJ badges + and a trip to NYC - all expenses paid! So I mean, even if you are already in NYC you can still get out of your 150 square feet studio and rent a luxury hotel room for 5 days, right? Semi-luxury? Ok, we'll see...



Pet Ghost Project plays Cameo Gallery on 09.25

Former Antler’s bassist, Justin Stivers, has been getting some good Brooklyn buzz going with his own band Pet Ghost Project. The songs in the band's new EP "Winter Variations" share similarities with his ex band in the mellow atmospheres that suddenly build into thick wall of guitar sounds. The overall sonic atmosphere ranges from liquid ambient parts, droney psych rock buildups, shoegazer explosions and at times also industrial moments - but with a playful edge. There is also an obvious noise rock attitude that emerges from interesting fuzz guitar tones and all sort of guitar feedback used in layers. This is definitely a band that deserves some attention, you can see them live at Cameo Gallery on 09.25.


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