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Long band name/short song. The Thinly Veiled Double Entendres have released a video for their single "Captain Fish Heart". This little ditty is a fun rockabilly tune that'll get your toes tappin'. I recommend findin' yourself a nice lady to hit the floor with and spin around until it's time for the next drink. TTVDE put on a great live show with a solid rhythm section, powerful vocals, slinky guitar licks and nice harmonies. They could play at the saloon or the rock bar...as long as they have some booze to fuel em up. Go see these ladies and fellas on Friday at Cherry Colas along with Flamingo Báy and Jim Dan Dee. - Kris Gies


The Tambo Rays to Release New EP - Recharged

The Oakland based band, The Tambo Rays are gearing up to release their new album, Recharged. In examining the sound, story and circumstances injected into Oakland-based indie-pop-rock band The Tambo Rays’ new EP, you would be hard pressed to come up with a more fitting title than Recharged.

With Recharged, The Tambo Rays craft buoyant, sun-soaked pop-rock as Sara’s infectious vocals and energy spring out like the prismatic light structures their father was famous for creating in the 70s. The EPs five life-affirming tracks respond to the uncertainties we all face with radiant positivity and saccharine, driving pop-rock reminiscent of golden-era Blondie. The EP also marks the band’s first release with Lisa Weiss (keys) who joined in 2016.

Recharged will be released on July 17th on OIM Records. Listen to the album's latest single, Get It Right Now.



The Rizzos return with a new LP, play The Well tonight

In 2015, Megan Mancini, Bettina Warshaw, and Justin Ferraro released a three-song EP entitled “No Parents, No Rules” under the pseudonym The Rizzos. Now, two years later, they’re back with a new member and a new approach to their music. In “No Parents, No Rules 2: Beneath The Planet of No Rules,” Josh Park joins on lead guitar, filling out their sound without taking away their fuzzy garage band roots. Despite the simple lyrics on songs like “Suckitude” (filled with interjections of “no duh,” and “you suck,”) the band has clearly grown up. Their coming of age is evident in the clean and energetic live recordings included on the album, as well as in the record’s cover — the “No Parents, No Rules” cover pictured four children, while on the latest LP the members appear as they are (with an intentional awkwardness to them). As if to say "We don’t want to grow up, but we are slowly resigning to the idea." You can see The Rizzos tonight at The Well with Lumps. - Lilly Milman, photo by Jeanette D. Moses


Tricyle Records and Z Space Collaborate On a New Event - Punch Bowl Music Night

We're so excited for this! Tricyle Records is hosting Punch Bowl Music Night at Z Space in San Francisco! The first event takes place on June 21st!

Z Space teams up with local legends Tricycle Records to bring you PUNCH BOWL, a tasteful concoction of musical genres. Amid the towering ambience of Z Space's lobby, experienced Bay Area musicians as well as diamond-in-the-rough up-and-comers meet to showcase their music, get in touch with collaborators and fans, and be part of a music community. Music lovers of all stripes get to witness all of this amazing new music with interesting people, and can enjoy a drink at our Z Bar.

Q&A with DJ/Producer Sweater Beats - currently touring non stop

If you met Antonio Cuna, aka Sweater Beats, without a formal introduction, in all likelihood you wouldn't think he's one of NYC most successful DJ/Producers. Hailing from the Philippines via Maryland, Antonio belongs to the rare breed of musicians who are so hard working and talented that they don't need to dress up (or pose) to impress. In the last decade Sweater Beats has been growing incessantly, with Antonio's music, a contagious mix of dance, synth pop and R'n'B, becoming more and more viral. Notwithstanding the fact that in 2017 he's been touring incessantly, we managed to ask yhim a few questions about his musical project. - Check out his latest single "Alstar" (streaming below) and read the Q&A here.


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