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This is Versailles @ Bottom Lounge

There is a forcefulness in the vocals of Caitlin Garibaldi. For the band This is Versailles she trades off shouting lyrics with guitar player Jaisen Ehas. Together they are propelling the band into the realm of high-power dance punk. Yet their dance is more of slam dance than anything else. Picture The Killers mashed with Minor Threat or maybe Fugazi, and you may come close to the sound of This is Versailles.

This is Versailles will be performing on April 1st at The Bottom Lounge with Light Pollution and Woodhands.


Wilco on La Blogotheque

La Blogotheque has finally posted a new take away show and it just happens to be with Wilco. The track they performed is “County Disappeared”, and the production quality is outstanding.


A new shoegazing experience: Me You Us Them release debut CD

Me You Us Them is the name of the latest addition to the NYC shoegazer scene. This band's impressive wall of guitars rivals in "My-Bloody-Valentine-ness" that of Asobi Seksu's first album - I'd recommend any follower of the toe staring sonic cult to check out these guys' tunes. (By the way, why they call it shoegazer and not toestarer is beyond me). The record release show is April 25th at The Studio @ Webster Hall in NYC.


(Secret Life of) Sofia gives birth to Milagres

Fans and Deli readers alike will know Milagres by their former name, Secret Life of Sofia, who took home the bronze in the Deli Magazine’s Reader Poll Best of 2008.  More recently, their “Empty Sleeve” album earned them a top-ten ranking in the Best EPs of 2009 list on Pop Tarts Suck Toasted.  Milagres say they’re happier now with the name change, presumably because it is representative of a deeper and more meaningful transformation for the band.  Currently at work on a new album, the only track released thus far is “Lost in the Dark” (Demo). Though the title may represent a necessary step in any major change, the band continues to come across as fearless.  One song may be too small of a sample size to go on, but based on the beautifully ghost-like vocal melodies backed by dreamy and swelling instrumentation, one gets the sense that the band is in fact further developing an already great sound. - PJD


Report from Alt Rock night at The Studio with Wyldlife, The Auctioneers + more

Thursday night at The Studio at Webster Hall showcased artists selected by Rich Russo from 101.9 WRXP’s “Anything Anything” show for a live “NY Rock Experience.” A lengthy line-up began with Flight from LA whose energy charged The Studio three hours earlier than most New York gigs. Second on the billwere Wyldlife (in the picture), who were guaranteed a radio play after an error in the band's name during their introduction. The quintet blasted through a punky, power pop set, and finished with a Bruce Springsteen cover in response to encore demands. Third up and the charm were Reckless Sons. Displaying impressive stage dynamics, catching songs, and a new arrangement in duties (Lead vocalist Matt Butler handed off guitar to Ben Rice of Blackbells), Reckless Sons got the audience VERY involved. Shooting Gallery continued the evening’s stripped down rock trend, and added a bit more Blues to the mix. Closing the event and harder hitting with a Southern rock twang, The Auctioneers celebrated their album release with feverish crowd feedback. –Meijin Bruttomesso


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