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The Suitz

The Suitz recently released a new single called “Energy” earlier this month. This is punk trio’s second single this year and hopefully step towards a full-length release in 2018.



Jess Best at the Bowery Ballroom 10.28

Jess Best and her vision of jazz-inspired pop sparkle in rose-gold and are as cozy as broken-in denim. Her contribution to this summer’s albums, “Saturday,” showcases a mature songwriter gifted with an incredible voice (and the right producer, co-writer Connor Schultze). The album evolved from the more traditional jazz found in 2014’s “Gone Baby” and 2016’s more experimental “Kid Again,” which offered concurrent visions of youth: joyful pop or melancholic jazz.

However, with “Saturday," Jess Best is able to successfully synthesize both genres into a fresh examination of everyday life. You can see her at the Bowery Ballroom on 10.28. - Amanda Ogea

Humiliation, by The Dreebs, an experimental project you don't wanna miss

We have an interesting project to share with you guys, one that slipped through our coverage cracks several years ago. Humiliation is an EP from The Dreebs, a band that has recently performed with Guerilla Toss, and was even mentioned by their lead singer. The fellow experimental rockers create a dreary, unstable soundscape throughout through ambient, looming guitar chords backed by drawn-out vocals and hums, like on the track “Wanton Eye”. They even bring forth a more rock-oriented vibe later on the track “The Wall,” which at points sounds like a gloomier version of Radiohead's Kid A. But as they hint at something recognizable, they lose all touch with reality in their closing track, “Godfather II”, easily the harshest song on the EP. The highlight of the track (and arguably the entire project) is the borderline dissonant guitar riff that continues for two straight minutes, until an eruption into noise rock closes out the EP. Check out the unique work below from The Dreebs. - Pearse Devlin


New Line Leader LP Available for Streaming & Download

Wilt, the freshly released LP from Line Leader, rattles the sonic cage. Produced by Kevin Brusha, the band cultivates an unabashed, cosmic-transmitted series of songs. Purposely jarring as the menacing, musical torrent takes on the obstacles lying within its path, a Tasmanian devil of unified sound ravages your being. Line Leader unapologetically melds the noise of raw material with a distinct, melodic core. (Photo by Stavi Xinou)

New Music Video: "Forever Overhead" - Cherry

Cherry recently shared a crunchy, new single called "Forever Overhead," which premiered over at Post-Trash. The mischievous, childhood reflection features Lame-O Records' Eric Osman bashing away on the drums, and it is also accompanied by a hazy collection of footage, directed by Spenser Colmbs. "Dumbness," Cherry's first full-length album, will be out on September 29 via Lame-O, and the record release celebration will be held on Saturday, October 7 at Boot & Saddle, where they'll be joined by Yankee Bluff and Eight.


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