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SXSW feature: Baltimore's wizard pop duo New God

South by Southwest is coming up fast and The Deli Magazine is proud to release its annual print issue for the festival. Featured in the mag will be Baltimore-based New God, one of the best experimental indie groups in the city. Their music is somber and atmospheric, and you'll feel the work put into carefully constructing their albums. You'll find their tracks easy to lose yourself in, time passing you by most pleasantly. Keep an eye on them as they announce what are sure to be fantastic shows. -Jonathan Goodwin


Debut Prince of Yeti Mantra Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Josh Mackie (GUNK/Idiot Forever) has released a new self-titled recording via Ranch Records, under the moniker Prince of Yeti Mantra. The record is simply divided into two sides that are littered with an array of intriguing eclectic beat-driven landscapes - some that seamlessly cruise along and others veer into dimly lit alleys. Give it a spin, and prepare to switch lanes at a moments notice.


Buzz alert: Overcoats perform live for NPR + play Fat Baby on 03.03

In their latest single 'Nighttime Hunger,' Overcoats take a simple expression of longing, 'when the darkness comes,' and twist the suggestive phrase around until it turns itself into a mantra of foreboding and threat. Laid over sinuous beats and rapturous harmonies. It's a strong debut from duo Hana and JJ, who only just released their self-titled debut EP last summer and are already playing dates alongside musicians like James Blake and Hozier - and performing live for NPR. Hear the song below and see them when they play at Fat Baby on Thursday, March 3rd. - 
Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best mellow songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Debut Fake Boyfriend EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Released via the trifecta of Milk Beard Records, Covered Bridge Cassettes, and Sad Cactus Records, Fake Boyfriend’s debut EP Mercy is currently available for streaming and purchase. This EP serves as an uncompromising/unrestrained exposure of true emotions as the trio skips the filter, producing powerful songs that hit/hurt in a memorable way. Catch their EP release show this Friday at PhilaMOCA with Lady Parts, Shannen Moser, and Secret Mountain! (Photo by Rachel Del Sordo)


Let's Drive to Alaska releases "Sejatski" off debut LP

Changing seasons have seen changing sounds in Let's Drive to Alaska, but Christopher Garcia's electronic post-rock outlet remains as verdant as it did in 2005, when it was just a laptop project. LDTA has warped and whittled down, with only the ardent Patrick Haag (ex-Mississippi Men) on drums, percussion, and noise while Garcia multi-tasks synths, loops, and effects—they were a quartet at one time. But through the decade of production struggles and lineup changes, quiet releases and whispered tours, comes an official debut album that breathes new purpose in songs from A Bell and A Mirror (Muerte Pop) and "Indigo Children," and some new ones, to boot. The polyrhythmic blossom "Sejatski (Brother)" is the first released single from LDTA's 13-song LP In the Fifth House, set to release March 8, 2016. A syncopated beat and motif picks up wind, climbs and falls to the hum of pop-inflected waves—it's a reaffirmation of the duo's efforts, a taste of what's to come, and a resounding sign of life in the quietude of Whittier.

Join Let's Drive to Alaska for a release party on March 10th at Au Lac in Los Angeles with The Grigori Dance Company, as well as The Littlest Vikingand The New Octaves. - Ryan Mo, photo credit: Jacob Pulido


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